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Laura Kinney –X-23 according to her medical records– is the umpteenth attempt to recreate Weapon X, or rather Wolverine. The problem that Martin Stutter and Sarah Kinney face in trying to recreate the experiment is the impossibility of finding a subject capable of surviving the bonding process of admantium. Trying to recreate the extraordinary healing factor of the only viable subject, Wolverine, they decide to clone him, but the only available genetic sample was damaged making a pregnancy the only possible option. Sarah would then become the mother of a daughter, which would be easier to control, named Laura, conceived from Wolverines DNA after 22 attempts.

Her claws were coated in admantium when she was just seven years old by Martin Stutter, and although Sarah tried to ensure that Laura maintained some semblance of humanity, they turned her into an animal. Using the smell named “Activator 42” X-23 loses control and is capable of killing anyone with no mercy. In fact, after several missions organized by Stutter to the highest bidder, she is obligated to kill her mother who, with her dying breath, gives her the name Laura.

After this, and after destroying the laboratory, as well as 15 of her developing clones, she escapes and is hunted for months until she arrives at Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Younsters looking for Wolverine, whom Sarah told her about. There she is captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and interrogated by Captain America and Matt Murdock. The latter listens to her story and is convinced of her innocence. From then on Laura lives in the bosom of the mutant family being part of the teams such as The New X-Men and X-Force.

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Laura Kinney is, above all, a free spirit. Her origin, practically as a registered product, makes her want to never be anyone’s property and it is not rare for her undertake solo missions and disregard the orders of her superiors. Despite that, after having spent her whole life taking orders, she sometimes begins to feel insecure with no road to follow. She is not prone to long conversations, and given that she was trained to kill in silence, she prefers to act than to discuss.

Friends and Enemies

After the events at the House of M, Laura is one of the few mutants who does not lose her powers. Because of this, she plays a fundamental role in the New X-Men. She is also part of the X-Force along with Cable. Evidently, she also has a special relationship with Wolverine, whom she protects, although he does not need it. Furthermore, on other occasions, she has allied with Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Wasp, and Gambit, who accompanies her on her search to become something more than a killer.


Lobezno y X-23, haciendo lo que mejor saben hacer

As far as her enemies go, in addition to the complex industrial military who is after her as a killer for hire, she has also faced many varied enemies. Omnipresent villains of the mutant world, such as Mister Sinister, have tested her adamantium, but others have also taken an interest in her, above all in her regenerative healing factor, such as the galactic empire of Shi’ar and mystic enemies such as Mephisto.


Laura Kinney, ya con el traje de Lobezno

Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the post-credit scene of X-men Apocalypse we saw a briefcase with the name Essex Corp., Nathaniel Essex, Mr. Sinister, with blood samples labelled “Weapon X”. The first rumor being that X-23 would appear in future movies. Although, Mr. Sinister’s intervention has not been confirmed, but it could be that he will appear in X-Men: Supernova. Laura did, however, have an appearance and she forms a part of the last Wolverine movie: Logan.

Played by the British-Spanish Dafne Keen, who is only 12 years old and in her first Hollywood role, Laura looks for Wolverines (Hugh Jackman) help, and that of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) to escape her creators. If anything is made clear during the film, it’s that X-23 is a perfect weapon. Her claws and what she does with them is one of the reasons that this is the only movie with mutants, along with Deadpool, to be recommended for viewers 18 and over. The end leaves the way open for her return in other movies, and considering the mess that are now the X-men movies and the inclusion of Cable and his X-Force, it is almost certain that she will return to fill the hole left by Wolverine.

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Given the fact that she is a clone made by a surrogate pregnancy, Laura’s powers are very similar to that of the young Logan. Super strength capable of lifting a car above her head, speed and dexterity, on top of the skills of the best trained military operative and her regenerating healing factor that allows her to overcome almost any injury, as long as her head is not cut off, and we would have to see what would happen then. However,  she has two notable differences. For one, her claws are the only thing coated with adamantium, which makes her measurably faster but less resistant to bullet injuries and amputations, and on the other hand, instead of three claws on each hand she has two on each hand and one on each foot.

Power Grid
  • 6/10
    Intelligence - 6/10
  • 7.5/10
    Strength - 7.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Resistance - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Dexterity - 8.5/10
  • 5/10
    Attack Distance - 5/10



If Wolverine is a Wolf, then X-23 is a lioness, the true huntress of the savannahs. Very protective of those whom she values, or those whom she becomes obsessed with, she pounces on her enemies without thinking twice. A perfect killing weapon who needs someone by her side to help her control her rage. They thought a female clone of Wolverine would be easier to control…How wrong they were.