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James “Logan” Howlett


Wolverine is, probably, the most famous mutant of the Marvel Universe and his adamantium claws are one of the most feared weapons. Nevertheless, James Howlett was born a weak and sickly child in Alberta, Canada, in 1882. He was the fruit of the adventures of Elizabeth Howlett and the gardener who worked in the grounds of her husband’s house. One time when he was overcome by alcohol and rage, Thomas Logan tried to kill the Howlett family, and at this point, Wolverine’s mutation showed itself in the form of claws made out of bone and an extraordinary rage. This incident turned into a massacre which left Wolverine an orphan and caused serious trauma. His healing ability helped him to forget.

Thanks to his strange concept of memory he forgets certain things, he has been made to forget others and he would prefer to not remember a lot of other things, Logan’s biography is not always as complete, nor as important, as it should be. He fought in the Canadian army in the First and Second World Wars, where he was in the Devil’s Brigade which was commanded by Silas Burr and it was this connection with the army which led to his inclusion in the Weapon X programme during the Cold War.

The Weapon X programme, which was run by the CIA, was an attempt to solve the mutant “problem” by creating a special operations team which was made up of mutants such as himself and Sabretooth. It was when he was a part of this programme that he was forced to have an operation which would replace all of his bone claws with adamantium, which was only possible because of his strength and his regenerative powers, which stop this material from poisoning him. The experiment, which was run by Dr. Cornelius Hines also attempted to reprogramme him, to make him an obedient animal, which did not have good results…

After he had escaped, and while he was living wild and suffering from amnesia, the villain Romulus – who had been pulling Wolverine’s strings for some time – sent him on a mission to kill Professor Xavier. However, he managed to break the mind control which was effecting Logan and at the same time he offered him a home, a family and a place at the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. From this moment on, Wolverine became a part of the X-Men who had always been associated with the X emblem because of the mutants.


Logan is one of the loners of the Marvel Universe. Tired of hurting those who love him, or those who have been hurt because of him, he often keeps to himself, both in his early life and later on. It must be added that, he has a wild and angry side to him which he has to control, but which means that it doesn’t matter to him if he has to kill his enemies so that they are not a danger in the future, which has in fact made him one of the most dangerous superheroes. His greatest character trait though, is his great sense of honour and duty against which he resists, because he wants it to appear like nobody and nothing matters to him, but he always gives in to it in the end.

Friends and Enemies

As a member of the X-Men, he is significantly different to their leader Cyclopes in terms of character, and he is even less flexible when it comes to confronting authority.  He does however have a great relationship with the pacifist Nightcrawler, perhaps opposites attract in this case, and with the Soviet giant Colossus, with whom he shares the special move called “Fastball Special”. Outside of the X-Men he has absolute confidence in Nick Fury, Steve Rogers and Spider-Man.

As for enemies, he has been around in the Marvel Universe for so long now that he has fought almost everyone – even the heroes! Namor, Nitro, Mr. Sinister, Shaw, Magneto, Sabretooth, and many many more; they have all see Wolverine’s claws far more close-up than would have been good for their well-being. In spite of everything, his greatest enemy is himself and the martyrdom to which his long, bloody and painful memories lead him.

Marvel Cinematic Universe                

Hugh Jackman is, probably, the first actor of this century to have his name, appearance and face completely synonymous with a comic-book character. The first X-Men films are of great merit, because at that point, the general cinema-going public were not used to the superhero genre. A large part of that success is down to the choice of the Australian as Wolverine and, in fact, he is the only one (Stan Lee included) to be in each and every one of the Marvel X-Men pictures – 10 in total –  even if he is sometimes in a mask.

In these films it is important to highlight his relationship with Jean Grey – Famke Jansen – whom he is in love with and whose death affects him very much, and with Professor Xavier, the only one who can understand him and is almost a father figure for him. Let’s not forget that he has his own trilogy as well. Origins, Immortal and Logan. The first two are not overly wonderful, the first is a special effects disaster and let´s not mention the fact that Deadpool turns up in it and the second was thought up for the Japanese market, but the most recent, Logan, deserves a special mention.

It is an adaptation of the old Logan comics, where Wolverine finds himself in a world where mutants are no longer born and he must live with the guilt of having seen the rest of the X-Men die. As well as being the last time that Hugh Jackman takes on the role of  Wolverine and probably the last time Patrick Stewart will be Charles Xavier too, it is the first to show X-23, Wolverine’s “daughter”. With superb performances and a personal story which goes beyond the usual fights, this film stands out not only amongst the many, many, superhero films, but also amongst the best Westerns of the last 30 years.


Logan’s powers are the best known in the whole Marvel Universe. An incredible ability to heal which means that he can regenerate in the trickiest of situations, in Civil War he regenerates when only his skeleton remains, which means that he can support his adamantium skeleton and makes him practically indestructible. His three retractable claws on each hand can cut through anything, the speed just depends on the amount of strength, or let’s say super strength, that he uses each time he slashes. On top of all this, we can add his extensive military training, which makes him an extremely dangerous foe, even though he is not necessarily the smartest.

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Range of Powers
  • 5/10
    Intelligence - 5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Strength - 8.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Endurance - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Dexterity - 8.5/10
  • 5/10
    Attacking from Distance - 5/10


A wolf in wolf’s clothing

Wolverine is one of the characters who represents the Marvel Universe. Charismatic, powerful, troubled and he even wears a ridiculous outfit, he is always the most dangerous person in the room, or at least it seems that way. As well as the fact that he is a mutant, that 1.60m of pure destruction, he can be the neighbourhood cop, like when he takes on Dark Phoenix, is the example of what Marvel comics want to be. They can be incredibly close to life and realistic and at the same time, open the door to a world where a wolf can save the universe.