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Wolfsbane: The most lycanthropic mutant

Who’s Wolfsbane?

Rhane Sinclair is the illegitimate daughter of a prostitute and a Reverend Presbyterian from Northern Scotland. Her mother dies in childbirth and is taken care of by her father, Reverend Craig, who takes care of her as if she were an orphan without revealing her kinship. Craig is tough on his upbringing, instilling strong religious and moral values in his daughter, as well as a strict sense of duty, decency and the importance of protecting himself from the devil.

Cursed be the fate that, at the age of 14, Rhane manifests his mutant powers that, to put it mildly, make him a lycanthrope. Obviously, when he sees her turned into a wolf, Reverend Craig deduces in a totally logical and normal way that Rhane is possessed by the devil and does the only thing he can do: raise the people with pitchforks and torches and chase them through the woods. Fortunately, Dr. Moira MacTaggert, an old friend of the X-Men who had been present during the birth, finds her again transformed into a child and takes her to the United States to be educated at the Xavier School for Young Talents.

It doesn’t take long to find a place in the school, as he rescues Professor X from the clutches of Donald Pierce next to Cannonball, Karma, Psyche and Sunspot. In view of all this talent and at a time when the original X-Men are scattered, Charles Xavier decides to train them, with room for danger and everything. They become the new team of Mansion X under the name of New Mutants.

Within the team, Rhane will play a key role and adopt the nickname Wolfsbane. It will not be his last destination, as he will also be part of the underground mutant in teams such as Factor X or the Cable and Deadpool team, Force X, becoming even a deacon of a lost people in the Arctic Circle.

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Wolfsbane personality

Rhane embodies the perfect fusion between a human being and an animal. A constant and antithetical struggle between the beast and the people. Her animal and uncontrolled instincts directly clash with the strict education she has received, which makes her live in a tense balance.

Somewhat insecure, she is extremely chaste and shameful and, despite her sorrow, she cannot help but feel certain prejudices or fear towards the demonic appearances of her peers such as Rondador Nocturno or Magik. Finally, she is not used to many of the usual things in modern life and, although she is perfectly capable of standing on her own two feet, she tends to cry, although she is not ashamed of it.

Friends and enemies of Wolfsbane

Wolfsbane has a good relationship with the other members of the New Mutants, both those already mentioned and with Cypher or Boom-Boom. However, her withdrawn and at the same time wild personality makes her quite independent. The only time he has gone wild was in his short – but passionate – relationship with the wolf prince of Asgard Hrimhari.

He has faced villains of the stature of Loki, Magneto or Psylocke, and the members of the Hell Club on several occasions. He has also shared adventures with better known members of the mutant family, such as Archangel or Cyclops. At the time of joining Force X, Cable exerts a very strong influence on it.

Wolfsbane in the Marvel Film Universe

In the early 2000s, when superhero movies seemed like a thing of the past and DC, Fox surprised the world with a brilliant adaptation of the X-Men, having acquired the exclusive rights of a Marvel in serious financial trouble.

That visionary thrust of the first two films was lost and the truth is that Fox risked very little, considering the extensive catalogue of stories and characters under the X-Men brand. In this second stage, the American production company is willing to take more risks and go deeper into the trunk it bought from Marvel. Proof of this are Deadpool and the film New Mutants, which will be released in 2018.

Wolfsbane’s role was played by Maisie Williams. This young but veteran actress of series, like Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, was already claiming the jump to the big screen. Williams is used to playing the role of a wild child and brings with her a legion of followers, which shows great success in casting.

Hopefully the film directed by Josh Boone – more common in romantic dramas and comedies than in action films – will be a hit. The X-Men saga has retired Hugh Jackman, Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart, and a lot is at stake with both this film and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which will also be released in 2018.

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What powers does Wolfsbane have?

Wolfsbane’s powers are those of a lycanthrope, that is, a werewolf woman. However, instead of being at the expense of lunar phases, Rhane can change his appearance at will.

In fact, it can not only alternate at will between the wolf form and the human form, but has an intermediate form in which it acquires the strength and some of the appearance of a wolf, without losing itself along the way. In its wolf form or halfway, Rhane increases his strength, speed, reflexes and all his senses, as well as uncovering an animal instinct very useful in any skirmish.

#InFewWords: A Wolfsbane conclusion

In a herd

Wolfsbane fights surrounded, although she usually feels lonely. Her excessively straight childhood marks her forever and, even if she tries to free herself, she always ends up returning to the fold. It does not mean that she is not dangerous or that she is docile or gentle, but in combat she fights better with her companions and makes them better. Quite an ally to have in your pack.

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