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Vision: the perfect android with human consciousness and thought


Who is Vision?

Vision is a machine created by another machine. Shortly after being created by Hank Pym and rebelling against him, Ultron decided to create his own android just as his father had done and, to do so, he kidnapped the scientist Phineas Horton, creator of the first Human Torch. Between the two of them they build a humanoid robot of red skin and with properties to alter its density and that of objects around it. Obsessed with destroying The Avengers, he sends his new creation after them, yet he turns to his creator and joins The Avengers, being named Vision by Janet Van Dyne. Although he defeats Ultron with them, he does not escape the influence of the manic robot and, on another occasion, is infected by him to resurrect him. In spite of this, his companions accepted him and he became one more Avenger and an important Avenger.

Quiene es visión

Vision’s personality, through its process of creation, responds to the neural imprints of Wonder Man so it is, for mental purposes, a human being. Soon after, and with many doubts at first, he began a relationship with Scarlet Witch that eventually became true love and marriage and, against all odds being an android, they had children. Even so, Wanda Maximoff’s mental instability makes her love life a real chaos and her children end up dead from all the madness surrounding their mother. Among all this, Vision is a reliable and more than worthy member of The Avengers who, however, does not have much life or adventure beyond that of the group.

The personality of Vision

Vision’s personality is closely related to that of its creator, Ultron, only without the megalomaniacal aspects that have made him one of the greatest threats to the Marvel Universe. Calm and under control, he is aware of his strength in comparison to humans, whom he treats with infinite fascination and tenderness. Although quite peaceful, he does not shy away from combat if necessary and is willing to sacrifice his life for others.


Friends and Enemies of Vision

Vision has been a part of The Avengers almost since its inception and is therefore at the epicenter of the superhero community, relating it directly to Steve Rogers, Iron Man or Thor. The truth is, despite being an android, it is given to love and personal relationships. In addition to the Scarlet Witch, he has also had skirmishes with Carol Danvers, Mantis or Janet Van Dyne herself, the first person to see him. On the other hand, since he can trace his genealogy back to him, Hank Pym also has a special relationship to him.

Amigos y enemigos de Vision

As for his enemies, alongside the Avengers, he has faced threats large and small, from Thanos to Dr. Khan. Death, but his most recurrent enemy is Ultron. In fact, Vision is often the first line of defense or the weakest link in dealing with technological threats such as Jocasta or Dimitros Artificial Intelligence. Even so, he has also been important in dealing with magical threats alongside Dr. Strange because of his half magical half mystical nature and his relationship with Wanda Maximoff.

Vision in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

The origin of Vision in Marvel’s Kinematic Universe is very similar to that of the comics, but with a series of twists and turns and additions that make the character a fundamental pivot of the whole saga. In Avengers: The Age of Ultron, the villain to whom James Spader gives his voice seeks to build a definitive vessel for his artificial mind and, with the technology of Dr. Cho -Claudia Kim- and the Vibranium that Ulysses Klaw -Andy Serkis- has obtained for him, builds Vision, giving it life by placing the Gem of the Mind on his forehead. However, The Avengers manage to stop the cognitive transference and, after a tense discussion, Tony Stark – Robert Downey Jr. – decides to breathe life into it like Frankenstein, unloading Jarvis into his body. After some initial confusion, the rest of the Avengers accept Vision – played by Paul Bettany, who until then had given Jarvis a voice – into the team, and in the end it is essential to defeat Ultron.

On the other hand, in Captain America: Civil War we are already beginning to see the beginning of the turbulent relationship between Scarlet Witch -Elizabeth Olsen- and Vision and it is also seen how the purple hero has a power that places him in an order of magnitude above other heroes like Captain America -Chris Evans- or Black Widow -Scarlett Johansson- and so it happens that he ends up seriously hurting Rhodes -Don Cheadle- by mistake. So much so, that the figure of Vision is presented as fundamental in Avengers: War of Infinity. As you can see from the trailer, the relationship between Wanda and him will normalize and we will see him become a person. But not everything is positive, since his survival is not assured since Thanos seeks to get all the Gems of Infinity… and he wears one on his forehead.

What powers does Vision have?

Vision has a number of powers emanating from his android condition. His intellect is far superior to that of a human being because of the computing power of his Artificial Intelligence. In addition, even though your body looks human, it is several times stronger and more resistant. As its density can vary, it can not only pass through walls – or bodies – but it can fly. Finally, it should be noted that your body is capable of absorbing solar radiation and, if the moment requires it, unleash it.

# InFewWords: A conclusion about Vision

A vision of the future

Vision is more than just a robot, but for many people it can’t be described as a person no matter how much they feel and suffer as anyone else. This is demonstrated, at least, by his turbulent relationship with the Scarlet Witch. However, Vision may be more than that, and so Ultron points out in Avengers: The Age of Ultron. The harmonious fusion of body and machine, mind and soul can be, precisely, a utopian vision of the future in the form that humanity will take.