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The Wasp, a micro-heroine with supernatural powers

La avispa marvel avengers

Who is the Wasp?

Janet Van Dyne is the daughter of the famous scientist Vernon Van Dyne and during her childhood and early youth enjoys life living off her father’s fortune while maintaining a sporadic love affair with the mercenary Paladin. However, his life is cut short when an alien comes to Earth because of his father’s experiments and kills him. Determined to find and deliver justice, she contacts Vernom’s colleague, Hank Pym, who reveals his secret Ant-Man identity and subjects her to a series of biochemical processes that allow her to use the Pym particles to become tiny, as well as to place some biosynthetic wings on her back. If you add to this the fact that his suit allows him to launch sonic discharges that look like stings, it’s not surprising to find his alias: La Avispa -The Wasp-. After expelling the Kosmosian who had killed his father, they became a vigilant couple, but also a sentimental couple.

Quien es la Avispa

Both are founding members of The Avengers and, in fact, it is Janet who proposes the name to the other superheroes. Although her life as a superhero is full time, Janet also becomes a well-known fashion designer and it is common for her to design and redesign her own costume and that of her fellow designers. Although it takes several years, Hank asks Janet to marry him and not doing so creates feelings of stress and inferiority. Finally, Janet gets them married, but the happiness doesn’t last long as the inferiority complex ends with Hank in alcohol, domestic violence and divorce. Although it is very serious and saddening events that precipitate and emanate from this situation, Janet manages to remake herself and become a full and independent woman who even leads The Avengers and who, once Hank recovers, is able to forgive him and maintain his friendship, although they never remarry.

During the Civil War, he supported Iron Man and the Superhuman Records Act but did not condone the violence that was unleashed on them. By way of anecdote, it is worth mentioning that, unlike other heroes, Janet is a public figure beyond her costume because of her status as a presenter of several television programs such as Got Talent…, but with superheroes.

The Wasp’s Personality

Janet is a long-time member of the Avengers and has evolved a lot. At first, he only looks for adventures as a result of his primitive origins in American high society. He needs the adrenaline he only gets when he fights with Hank. However, as the years go by she accepts and assumes the responsibility, risks and duty of a superheroine. Affable, sympathetic and very sociable, she does not tremble her pulse or get overwhelmed in any situation, relying on herself and her peers to get out of it.

Personalidad de la avispa

Friends and Enemies of the Wasp

As a founding member of The Avengers, he knows Tony Stark and Thor very well, as well as Captain America, who is soon rescued from the ice at the bottom of the English Channel. She has also been a mentor and friend to some of the women who have passed through the mansion, such as Scarlet Witch or Ms. Marvel. His relationship with Hank is turbulent, but it contains moments of happiness, but he is not the only man, he has already maintained affective relationships with Paladin and Havok, among others.

Amigos y enemigos de la avispa

As for her enemies, her relationship with Hank makes her confront Ultron and her female counterpart, Jocasta, on many occasions. Along with The Avengers he has been instrumental in defeating the Masters of Evil or Kang the Conqueror, although he has also faced smaller enemies such as the Cyclops robot or Porcupine.

The Wasp in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

So far we have only seen Janet Van Dyne through flashbacks in Ant-Man (2015), Peyton Reed’s film. In it, Hank Pym – Michael Douglas – tells his daughter, Scott Lang – Paul Rudd – and Hope Van Dyne – Evangeline Lilly – how his wife got lost in the quantum dimension when she shrunk too far to defuse an intercontinental ballistic missile that would have triggered World War III. Hank tells it as a warning to Scott, who, however, is forced to enter that dimension to finish off the villain Yellowjacket towards the end of the film. However, unlike Janet, she is able to return to her normal size, which will open the door to a way to rescue Hank’s wife and Hope’s mother. It is quite predictable that they will find a way to do this, as it is confirmed that in Ant-Man and the Wasp, which will be released in July 2018, Michelle Pfeiffer will play Janet Van Dyne.

No sólo eso ya que, más allá de que logren rescatar a Janet, Hope Van Dyne mantendrá vivo el espíritu de La Avispa. Hope, que es un personaje inventado por el Universo Cinemático de Marvel y que no aparece en los cómics más que en algunos universos paralelos, se vestirá como su madre y será fundamental para enfrentarse al extraño ser, fantasma, mitad humano, mitad inteligencia artificial que amenaza a Industrias Pym. Está por ver si su relación con Scott va algo más allá, pero lo que está claro es que ambos estarán a la par y quien sabe cuál puede ser el futuro en un UCM que necesita caras nuevas para las próximas décadas. Sí, décadas.

What powers does the Wasp have?

Although her powers initially depended on her suit, her prolonged exposure to Pym particles means that Janet can control her size at will, both to make her smaller and larger. Plus, he no longer needs the suit to launch his bioelectric stings. Finally, it is important to remember that it can fly thanks to its wings and that, when it becomes small, it maintains its strength so that it is at the level of others like Captain America or Black Panther.

# InFewWords: A conclusion about the Wasp

The first superheroine

Although it is somewhat exaggerated to give it that title, it is true that La Avispa has been present since the Golden Age of comics and has served as a model for many girls – and women – who may like comics but who are often expelled from the genre by the few female characters in its pages. Let’s hope Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel and the upcoming Black Widow film can reverse that trend on the big screen.