The Invisible Woman

Who’s Sue Storm?

Susan “Sue” Storm, alias “The Invisible Woman” is one of the oldest characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as part of The Fantastic Four. After a smooth childhood with his brother Johnny, his life is cut short by the death of his mother Mary in a car accident. Not only because they are left motherless, but because their father, Dr. Franklin, fails to save them and failure makes them give in to drinking and gambling. So both Susan and Johnny are moving in with their aunt, who runs a student residence. There you will meet a young scientist, Reed Richards, who will become more than just the love of your life. Reed’s vital project was to build an experimental ship that would surpass the technology of his time, and to get more funding he decided to make a maiden voyage with the prototype accompanied by Sue, his brother Johnny Storm and best friend Richards, Ben Grimm. However, even though the ship is a success, it forgets to protect it from radiation, which, together with an unexpected and powerful solar flare, exposes it to an immense amount of cosmic rays. This event empowers them all and unites them in a way that goes even beyond the family, forming The Fantastic Four.

This is not to say that life within the team is simple at all. In fact, Sue is often the glue of some Fantastic 4 who have to adapt to their new powers and responsibilities from the renovated Baxter building. On more than one occasion, disputes arise that threaten to separate the group and although the love that she and Reed profess for each other is pure and real, the tensions to which they are subjected make their relationship suffer especially. For example, Reed was forced to experiment with his son Franklin in order to prevent his enormous and uncontrollable powers from destroying the Solar System, which caused Sue to take the child, or, for example, during the Civil War, Susan did not understand how Reed sided with Tony Stark and was forced to abandon him. Still, she and Johnny, Ben and Reed themselves always find their way back home, and no matter how many tricky situations they’ve been through, they’re still and will continue to be a family.

Sue Storm’s personality

Sue is a born leader, though, as her own powers represent, sometimes she is not seen enough. Though not as brilliant as Reed, she is wise enough to guide him when science makes him lose sight of the ethics of his actions. Moreover, his thinking is pragmatic and action-oriented. Although given the character’s ancient origin, it is somewhat restricted by female stereotypes from the seventies, which present it as the maternal presence of the team, it has shown itself to be out of the clichés by acting decisively and independently of Reed on countless occasions.

Friends and enemies of Sue Storm

As I mentioned earlier, the relationships between the members of the Fantastic Four are even closer as they acquire their powers and Susan has a special relationship with each of them. It’s Reed’s compass and the mother that Johnny could never enjoy, educating him when he behaves like the crazy young man he is, while Par Ben is a sincere friend who doesn’t care about his appearance. In addition, Susan is a highly respected personality in the superhero community for her conviction and her ability to empathize with everyone. As for his enemies, Annihilus has a special fixation on his son Franklin, which has made him a key figure in the constant clashes between The Fantastic Four and such emblematic villains as Galactus and the ever-present Dr. Death.

Sue Storm in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

The story of the Fantastic Four film adaptations is, at the very least, a disgrace to characters as iconic or more so than The Avengers or The X-Men. In 2005, following the success of films such as Spider-Man and X-Men, The Fantastic Four was released, directed by Tim Story, who told the story of the characters’ origin and Dr. Kayla’s story. Death and a sequel in 2007 in which both Estela Plateado and Galactus appeared. Although commercially they were not a resounding failure, the critics and fans considered that the adaptation was not worthy of characters who, on the other hand, were played by such well-known actors as Chris Evans -Johnny Storm-, who would later be Captain America in the Cinematic Universe of Marvel or Jessica Alba in the case of Sue Storm. Since the fans were not about to be indulgent, Fox, which owns the rights, let the franchise sleep for almost ten years. However, as they were obliged to produce films if they wanted to maintain increasingly valuable rights due to the growth of the Marvel franchises they decided to make a reboot.

Directed by Josh Trank, who had just made it to success with his film Chronicle, the 2015 reboot was an even bigger failure in both criticism and economics in large part because of the problems the inexperienced producer encountered during the production process. Again, there was talent in the film with Miles Teller playing Reed Richards, Kate Mara as Sue Storm and Michael B. Jordan – who will be Killmonger in Black Panther – as Johnny Storm but too edgy a story that sought to anchor the characters in reality turned the film into the bluff of summer, costing the director his career. In the end, the best film about a family of superheroes will continue to be Pixar’s The Incredibles, unless Marvel Studios recovers the rights to The Fantastic Four. Anything is possible.

What powers does Sue Storm have?

Susan’s powers from her exposure to cosmic radiation allow her to manipulate the cosmic energy around her to achieve different results. Its best-known power is its ability to become invisible by preventing light from reflecting off of it or other objects of your choice.

On the other hand, it is also capable of creating barriers and psionic shields, as well as shock waves that affect the nervous centers of its enemies. His forces are limited only by his energy reserve, and it is unusual for him to use his powers to their fullest unless there is no other option.

#InFewFewWords: A conclusion from Sue Storm

The not-so-invisible woman

Susan Storm is one of the first superheroes of the Marvel Universe and has served as a reference point for many other female characters in the Marvel Universe. That’s why, and even if her powers hide her, her imprint is very visible both in her fellow Fantastic Four members and in the superhero community in general. The Fantastic or Invisible Woman is responsible for opening the way and making the female characters not just a stereotype.