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The Human Torch

La antorcha humana marvel

Who’s Johnny Storm?

Jonathan “Johnny Storm” lived, together with his older sister Susan Storm and his parents, a much more normal childhood than the rest of his life. However, that normality was truncated not only by the tragic death of his mother but also by the guilt of his father’s inability to save her, which plunged him into drinking and gambling. After his father, Dr. Franklin, accidentally killed his bookie, Johnny and his sister move in with their aunt, who runs a student residence. There, you both know Reed Richards and Sue and he falls in love. So, years later, when Reed makes an experimental voyage of his spacecraft, Johnny accompanies them as he has also become a fairly competent mechanic. However, Reed had forgotten to protect the ship from cosmic radiation which, coupled with a huge solar flare, exposed Johnny, Susa, Reed and their friend Ben Grimmes to huge amounts of radiation. Instead of dying as usual, the four develop different powers and become the Fantastic Four.

Johnny’s powers make him “The Human Torch” in honor of one of the heroes of World War II who fought alongside Captain America. The Fantastic Four are more than just a team of superheroes, they’re a family. Something peculiar, of course. Johnny becomes the team’s rebel and that makes it sometimes creates gaps in the team. For example, he cannot help but establish a relationship with Alicia Master, Ben Grimmes’ ex-girlfriend, the Thing, with whom he had broken up his relationship because of her appearance after the accident, and they even get married, which provokes his friend’s anger. Luckily, it’s not the real Alice but a cloaked Skrull who wanted to destroy the Fantastic Four inside. Much better, isn’t it? On the other hand, the truth is that he has the tremendous ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So much so that, during the civil war, getting out of his limousine – not that he is discreet – he is attacked by civilians who are against the mutants, falling into a coma for several weeks. Anyway, Johnny is one of the best known figures on planet earth, both as a superhero… and as a golden bachelor.

Johnny Storm’s personality

Johnny is the most adventurous of the Fantastic Four and goes into combat impulsively and without thinking too much about the consequences. In return, he is the first to respond to injustice. His personality is, for lack of a better adjective, very fiery and can lose control of his powers if someone he loves is threatened. Finally, it’s worth noting that Johnny loves to be the center of attention whenever he can and doesn’t hesitate to attend to his fans and do spectacular things just for the sake of it.


Friends and enemies of Johnny Storm

As a member of The Fantastic Four Johnny is part of a family and has different dynamics with each of them. His sister, Susan, is the person he loves and protects the most, although it is she who sometimes has to protect Johnny from himself. She gets along with Ben extraordinarily well, even though they are often at the opposite end of the spectrum. Ultimately, his brother-in-law Reed is sometimes like a father to him, with all the good and bad that comes with it. Of all of them, Johnny has the freest spirit and has shared adventures with The Avengers or Spider-Man, among many others, being a well-known and recognized member of the superhero community, although everyone knows that he is not the most discreet or humble. As for his enemies, he has been instrumental in defeating either Galactus or Dr. Death as well as the Invasion of the Skrulls.

Johnny Storm in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

The best adaptation of the Fantastic 4 is and will continue to be The Incredibles – and in 2018 The Incredibles – which perfectly reflects the problems of a family of superheroes with similar powers because the adaptations of the original material have been, to say the least, disappointing. The Fantastic 4 made their debut in 2005 with Fox, who released a sequel in 2007 that introduced Estela Plateada and Galactus, iconic characters in the series. However, the films were soft and dull and do not live up to the original material by showing the characters in an old-fashioned and fanciful way far from the tastes of the spectators and fans who nevertheless filled the cinemas at the time to watch X-Men or Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four being as important or more important than them. In those films, Johnny Storm was played by Chris Evans who, years later, would successfully play Captain America in the Marvel Kinematic Universe, so it wasn’t a problem of talent.

In fact, it is a production problem, as demonstrated by the latest Fox adaptation, which was done largely out of obligation to maintain the rights of the characters and prevent them from returning to Disney-Marvel. Directed by Josh Trank and premiered in 2015, it was a failure of critics and audiences both because of the problems given by an almost nobel director who was put under pressure and because of the interference generated by Fox, who did not dare to make a good product. So there was a film that was already controversial at first because it changed the race of Johnny Storm – played by Michael B. Jordan, Erik Kilmonger in Black Panther – and that ended up being a poorly-structured and that tried too hard to differentiate itself from other superhero films. In the end, a soulless product was left behind that once again makes fans wish Disney-Marvel would take over the production of those films and save them, as it has with Spider-Man. I wish I could.

What powers does Johnny Storm have?

The powers of the Human Torch do not require much explanation because it is quite worthy of its name. Johnny can mentally control the heat around him which allows him to create and control the fire. In fact, his entire body is converted into plasma which, in addition to literally converting it into fire, gives him superhuman strength and resistance, as well as the possibility of flying at speeds in excess of 200 kilometres per hour.

#InFewFewWords: A Johnny Storm conclusion

The bachelor of fire

The character of Johnny Storm plays two bands with the classic conceptions of the young, famous and multi-millionaire playboy and a young man who cares about the well-being of his family. In addition, it is quite simple, so you are often unaware of the consequences that your lifestyle can have. Now, the Marvel Universe is riddled with heroes like Tony Stark or Hank Pym who many more conflicts with fame or alcohol so Johnny is no exception. It is the contrast with the rest of the Fantastic Four members that makes their behavior more striking.