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The Collector: the guardian of the largest collection of interstellar fauna.


Who is the Collector?

Taneleer Tivan is one of the oldest beings in the Universe as his race was one of the first to evolve after the Big Bang and Death granted him immortality by being the last living representative of his species, making him one of the Elders of the Universe. At first, Tivan lives quietly with his wife Matani and daughter Carina, who are also immortal for millennia. However, when Matani loses the will to live and dies, Tivan decides to find a hobby that will make him never suffer that same fate. Aware of the threats to the survival of many species and civilizations in a cruel and dangerous Universe, he decides to devote himself entirely to collecting and collecting the great advances of all of them and some of their most remarkable specimens. In his great space ark, he travels around the worlds acquiring or kidnapping these objects and people of collection that he then leaves on his planet museum Cron. So obsessed ends up in this monomania that he becomes known as the Collector, being respected and feared equally.

Quien es el Coleccionista

Though lonely by the nature of his obsession as well as by the fact that he has already lived eons, the Collector is not only part of the tenuous alliance that other beings like him, called the Elders of the Universe, build. Finally, it should be noted that, because of its interest in all that the universe has to offer, it is concerned about the threats that may arise in the face of creation itself, serving as an early warning system for the rest of the forces of law and order… not always of good.

The Collector’s Personality

The Collector is not the most stable character in the Marvel Universe. Sometimes it appears as an alien whose intellect and motivations are too advanced to be understood. At other times, he’s an egomaniacal, megalomaniacal madman capable of exterminating an entire race if it makes it easier to add them to his collection. After all, he considers himself above everything else other than other Universe Elders. The only thing that is above his collection is his own existence and he does not tremble at getting rid of parts of them to ensure his life.

Friends and Enemies of the Collector

As we said before, it is complicated for a being like The Collector to have friends when he does not consider worthy of mention more than those who are like him. On the other hand, their alliance with the rest of the Universe Elders responds more to survival than to some kind of friendship, with the only exception of The Grand Master. They do consider themselves friends, even brothers, and the Grand Master sacrificed – temporarily, of course – his life to bring back the Collector.

AMigos y enemigos del Coleccionista

Among his enemies, the Avengers stand out because on more than one occasion he has tried to add several of his members to his collection. In fact, he has a particular obsession with Janet Van Dyne, the wasp. Even so, he has also fought alongside them against major threats such as Thanos or Korvac, which demonstrates both his unpredictability. Finally, it should be noted that he also came close to defeating Galactus in the company of the rest of the Universe Elders.

The Collector in the Marvel Film Universe

Tanleer Tivan made his debut, quite unexpectedly, in the post-credit scene of Thor 2: The Dark World, putting the Ether in safe hands, which would later prove to be one of the Gems of Infinity. In fact, it is the Collector himself, played by an ever-great Benicio del Toro, who explains to the Guardians of the Galaxy – and to all the spectators of the Marvel Universe – what the Gems of Infinity are and what their power is. This film includes not only the character but also his collection, including a Dark Elf, which seems to be a failed attempt to create Adam Warlock and Howard the Duck, one of Marvel’s most bizarre creations. Although his castle at Knowhere Station is apparently destroyed, The Collector will return in Avengers: War of Infinity. However, being that he has in his possession one of the Gems that Thanos is looking for is not likely to be a very amusing apparition for him.

The Collector is one of those characters from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe who, without being protagonists, help to show the vast creative repository of which all films are part. Moreover, if we add to this the enormous capacity of Marvel Studios to attract the talent of prestigious actors, we can affirm that the presence of The Collector, together with Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) or The Grand Master (Jeff Goldblum), to give just a few examples, enriches the MCU and is a wink for fans and the general public alike.

What powers does the Collector have?

The Collector is virtually immortal because it is virtually impossible to harm him in any way and yet he is able to scold most wounds if his will to live is great enough. To finish him off, we would have to destroy him on a molecular level, which is very difficult and, as he has done on other occasions, he could make a new pact with death to return. In addition, although he usually looks like a gray-haired old man, if he needs it, he can turn into a mole that demonstrates superhuman abilities. Finally, Taneleer has a certain capacity to predict the future, especially the existence of extremely powerful beings who endanger the Universe.


#InFewWords: A conclusion about the Collector

A Collector like the fans

All the Elders of the Universe have an obsession that helps them to keep their will to live intact, but the truth is that the Collector can resonate quite a bit with fans of comics, who are used to collecting and appreciating strange gems to add to their collection. Therefore, we could consider Taneleer Tivan as one of those “meta” characters that go beyond the page of comics and, in this case, caricatures while giving value to those who enjoy collecting.