Thanos: The most dangerous villain in the universe

Who is Thanos?

Thanos is the last of his race, the Eternals of Titan. As a unique creature of immeasurable power, it is part of the exclusive club of the Universe Elders. Thanos is a stranger to his people as he is born with purple, wrinkled skin and shows symptoms of genetic mutation. This causes him to be set apart by his own and to grow in him hatred and an unusual obsession with death. So much so that he steals a ship from his father and recruits mercenaries into neighboring solar systems to return as a conqueror and bomb his city with nuclear explosives.

Perhaps attracted by this predisposition to genocide, Death incarnates into a woman and becomes Thanos’ companion, which becomes a vicious circle of disastrous results for the universe. To be worthy of his company, Thanos set out to gain more and more power, which puts him under the clue of the Gems of Infinity, namely the Tesseract, which grants him divine powers…. As it could not be otherwise, he is defeated by the Avengers and Captain Marvel (and, as he feared, is abandoned by Death).

Still, the fates of Death, Thanos, and the Gems of Infinity are constantly intertwined. Thanos develops multiple strategies to get hold of them and forges a gauntlet – The Gauntlet of Infinity – to house all the stones. It wipes out half the population of the Universe with it, although the truth is that most of its plans are so great and affect so many lives and superheroes that they usually have a convenient reset button.

On occasion, however, it has also collaborated with the superheroic community for the common good, when the very existence of the universe is threatened. After all, for death to exist, life must exist… and if anything is certain, Thanos does not want to live in a universe in which he cannot kill but, above all, in which he cannot be with Death.

The personality of Thanos

The origin of the name Thanos comes directly from Thanatos, the Greek god of death, and this character is worthy of the name. He has cut through billions of lives without remorse and does everything he can not only to be evil, but also to make it seem so. The truth is that he enjoys his nihilistic approach to death and destruction and prefers to be feared rather than loved. Of course, being feared and loved by Death is probably the same thing.

Friends and enemies of Thanos

You can’t say Thanos has friends. At best, he has useful fools around him or people he manipulates to do what he wants, even if he doesn’t want them to do it.

One could say that the rest of the Universe Elders, such as the Grand Master, the Collector or Ego, are his friends but, really, they are all too individualistic. Enemies do have more than one – and more than a thousand – but his great archenemy is Adam Warlock, especially his incarnations in the form of Magus and the Goddess. Precisely to put an end to both he had to work with Adam Warlock and the rest of the Guardians of Infinity, such as Gamora, Drax and Pip el Troll, with whom he also has a long history. Finally, it should be noted that his greatest threat was the invasion of the cancerverse – a dimension without death! – which he wanted to assimilate into our universe and which he faced with the help of Nova and the Galaxy Guardians.

Thanos in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

A hero is only a great hero to the extent that his enemy is a great villain. You can’t understand Batman without the Joker or Captain America without the Red Skull or Baron Helmut Zemo. Now, what happens when you need an enemy that puts you at risk and is able to take on all the heroes of the Marvel Kinematic Universe? Well, what happens is Thanos, a being threatening enough to put The Avengers, The Galaxy Keepers, the Supreme Sorcerer and the King of Wakanda and many more in check.

It is possible that when his throne was turned in the post-Credit scene of The Avengers only the most experienced knew who he was, but his smile already foreshadowed that he had a plan. Josh Brolin’s more extensive appearance in Galaxy Guardians served as a foundation for the menacing figure that hovers over the Earth. However, the definitive moment and one that truly reveals the coming storm is the post-credit scene of Avengers: Ultron’s Age. If Thanos says “I’ll have to do it myself” as he takes the gauntlet that is meant to house each and every one of the Gems of Infinity… well… I suppose Tony Stark’s vision with all the dying heroes and the Earth about to be destroyed is getting closer and closer.

The tension has grown film after film, with small appearances, references and post-credit scenes, but the few but succulent messages coming from the film set invite us to think that Avengers: War of Infinity (2018) will be a “Thanos against all” of epic dimensions and, above all, everything that fans expect… and much more. There is a lot of Marvel at stake with this film, which has to demonstrate the wisdom of having a complete collection of interconnected films. Only if the conclusion is satisfactory will they be able to carry out a film plan that goes beyond 2030.

What powers does Thanos have?

To say that Thanos is a being with cosmic level powers, capable of being a Universal threat to reality itself is, in spite of everything, an understatement. Being one of the Elders of the Universe, he is immortal, without buts, especially if we consider his special relationship with death.

He, by himself, by his own physiology and by the bionic alterations to which he has subjected himself, is practically invulnerable. Just in case, it also regenerates and is extremely strong. It teleports at will, is telepathic and can manipulate matter at the atomic level. In addition, he has access to the most advanced technology and, from time to time, manages to gather one or more Gems of Infinity that multiply his powers -infinitely?

# InFewWords: Summary – Thanos

The Bridegroom of Death

It is not unreasonable to say that Thanos is among the select group of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe. Among his apocalyptic powers, his megalomaniacal ambition to conquer the Universe, his insane obsession with the Earth and his constant mania for playing with objects of primeval power could well destroy reality one day. At will or by accident.

Thanos represents Power in its purest form and how it can lead someone to become obsessed with the one thing they cannot control, Death. Looking back, it is no surprise that the purple giant has been chosen as the constant threat to the entire Marvel Kinematic Universe.