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Scott Lang, the engineer who became Ant-Man.

Who’s Scott Lang?

Scott Lang, a native of Florida, studied electronic engineering and married Peggy Rae and had a daughter named Cassandra with her. However, his work doing electronic repairs of all kinds was not enough to feed his family and he decides to become a thief.

When his job takes him to prison, his wife divorces him and although he is hired by Stark Industries when he is released from prison, he is forced to re-offend when his daughter is diagnosed with a strange heart disease. That’s when he breaks into Hank Pym’s New Jersey home and steals Ant-Man’s suit, which he uses to rescue the only doctor, Erica Sondheim, who can save his daughter’s life and was being held by Hank Pym’s arch-enemy, Darren Cross. To Scott’s surprise, Hank had seen him steal the suit and seen him wear it, as his Yellowjacket suit was in a tiny state and seeing how and why he was wearing his original suit, he offered to keep it and keep wearing it.

From that moment on, Scott became part of the superhero community as the new Ant Man, and given the uniqueness and usefulness of the powers that the suit gives him, Scott Lang quickly began to collaborate with some of the most important teams like the Avengers or the Fantastic Four, especially when they needed to infiltrate or follow someone without being discovered. Little by little, Scott grows in fame and respect and gets used to his new identity, which also allows him to take care of and spend time with his daughter Cassie when she also begins to manifest powers, joining the Young Avengers. In the end, and despite his picturesque origins, he ends up being a supporting but important character in many of the events of the superhero universe, from defending New York with the defenders, to being one of the few heroes to oppose Captain America of Hydra during the recent “Secret Empire” story.

Scott Lang’s personality

Lang has a sense of humour that he takes as a joke which makes him a very nice character. You can always tell that he’s out of his element as a superhero because he doesn’t exactly fit into that mold. He is not perfect and has made mistakes, but that only makes him more determined not to make them again. He just feels comfortable as a parent and can be considered a family man above anything else so if he wants to be a hero he is to be the role model that Cassandra needs.

Friends and Enemies of Scott Lang

Scott’s first “friend” in the superhero community is none other than Hank Pym, who created the suit that gives him the powers and is a kind of mentor to him, although his relationship is not too close because of Hank’s many personal problems. On the other hand, Scott also has a special relationship with Tony Stark as he continues to be his employer, both through his company and in his first assignment after becoming Ant-Man. Finally, it should be noted that, because he has had more than one problem with the law, Scott also has a close relationship with attorney She-Hulk. As a detail, he had a brief but intense relationship with Jessica Jones.

As for his enemies, he has no more archenemy than Darren Cross, who on more than one occasion has been on the verge of killing not him, but his daughter Cassie, but beyond that he has faced what he has put himself in front of the teams he has been on, like Justin Hammer or Kang the Conqueror himself.

Scott Lang in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

Ant-Man made his big-screen debut in 2015 as the star of his own film. It featured a cast of stars including Michael Douglas such as Hank Pym, the first Ant-Man to hand over the baton to Scott Lang, masterfully played by Paul Rudd, as well as the veteran of The Hobbit, Evangeline Lilly, who plays Hope Van Dyne, Hank’s daughter. In fact, as the film’s post-credit scene shows, she will also wear a suit, just like her mother, and become The Wasp in Ant-Man & the Wasp, a film that will be released in 2018, just after the big event Avengers: War of Infinity, in which both characters will also appear. With powers at least as difficult to transfer to the screen and a non-commercial name, the film should have no sequel, but should have been a failure, especially considering that just over a year after the release there was a change in the director’s chair from Edgar Wright to Peyton Reed.

However, that is the magic of Marvel’s Kinematic Universe. On the one hand, he is capable of generating interest in a film with a strange premise and with a character unknown to the general public and, on the other hand, he is capable of finding a place for him among the greats and creating a film and a character, Ant-Man, who shines for himself in films like Captain America: Civil War.

After presenting the first film as one of thieves at Ocean’s Eleven, Disney hasn’t said much about Ant-Man & The Wasp, probably because its plot could make Avengers spoilers: War of Infinity, but it is already known that Hope’s mother, Janet Van Dyne, will appear, that she will disappear into the Quantum Universe and that she will be played by Michelle Pfeiffer.

We’ll see if the film can maintain the character’s originality and Scott’s relationship with Hope now that they’re working as a team.

What powers does Scott Lang have?

Ant-Man, the ant man, is not so called because he is a hard worker, but because he can use the suit created by Hank Pym to reduce his wingspan to the size of an ant. This extremely useful skill comes with the ability to multiply your strength, as it maintains your normal strength, but applies it to an infinitely smaller point. Finally, if he wears the suit to its fullest, he is also capable of reaching a quantum dimension that has sometimes even allowed him to travel through time.

#InFewWords: A conclusion about Scott Lang


Scott is a simple person, like any other person, with his good days and his bad days and is neither a paradigm of honor as Captain America nor a tormented genius as Tony Stark. He’s a normal person who has the opportunity to do extraordinary things. For this reason, he is a character loved by readers who can be identified with a person who only tries to take care of and love his daughter in the best possible way and be a little better every day.