Scarlet Witch: Villain, heroine and weapon of mass chaos

Who’s the Scarlet Witch?

Wanda Maximoff is the daughter of the mutant known as Magneto and twin sister of Pietro Maximoff -known as Mercury or Quicksilver-, although their relationship is something they discover as adults. As children they grow up in a Roma village at the foot of the Carpathians, but when they discover that they have powers and start using them – Pietro steals food for his family using his speed – the inhabitants of a neighbouring village destroy the village and force them to flee traumatically, so much so that they forget their entire childhood.

The two brothers are very close and together they are recruited by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Magneto although they still do not know that this is his father. Finally, when Magneto is captured and they realize the error of their ideals, they join The Avengers.

It is from then on that things start to get interesting for Wanda, who gradually becomes more powerful and convoluted. First she falls in love with the android Vision with whom she has twin sons, Tommy and Billy, through magical manipulation. So much so that it is quickly discovered that they are really creations of the demon Mephisto that, with a click, ends them. This grief for the loss of her children will be latent in Wanda throughout her life and ends her relationship with Vision.

Little by little, her relationship with Magneto, with whom she has her strengths and her weaknesses, is discovered, as well as her condition as a Nexus or Cornerstone of the Universe, which makes her one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. So much so that Professor X suggests that it is necessary to debate whether to kill it in order to avoid the risk it poses. However, this leads Wanda to change reality and create a world in which mutants are the majority and humans the minority, the House of M.

Faced with such destruction and with just three words – “No more mutants” – Wanda returns reality to its place but with 90% of the mutants without powers. After this, and although little by little and through different events such as Avengers vs. X-Men, she returns her powers to the mutants, Wanda becomes more and more lonely and tired of being in the middle of everything.

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Personalidad  de la Bruja Escarlata

Wanda es una chica buena, dulce y preocupada por los que hay a su alrededor. No le gusta hacer daño y, aun siendo extremadamente poderosa y capital a la hora de enfrentarse a muchos enemigos, lo cierto es que prefiere utilizar sus poderes para tender trampas o capturar al enemigo.

Sin embargo, bien por los muchos eventos traumáticos que le ha tocado vivir como el abandono, la pérdida de sus hijos y más de un secuestro, o bien por estar conectada a la magia caótica que alimenta sus poderes, vive presa de la inestabilidad. De hecho, es más que probable que sufra de alguna enfermedad mental, lo que hacen de su personaje uno extremadamente complejo, interesante, pero, sobre todo, necesario en el Universo Marvel.

Friends and Enemies of the Scarlet Witch

Wanda’s most important relationship is with her twin brother Pietro, on whom she is co-dependent. Their personalities complement each other and before Wanda’s doubts to act, Pietro always does what her sister wants to do, but she doesn’t dare…. even if this means that Wanda has to clean up her messes.

De Magneto shares his concern for the problems of the mutant race but disagrees in his methods, seeking a better world not from violence. It is also worth noting his love affair with Visión, who, even if it ends, always remains ashes, and with Ojo de Halcón, who sometimes acts like the father he has not had.

As for his enemies, many like Mephisto, the Great Evolver, Dormammu or Arkon, have tried to use their powers for their own benefit. Finally, it is worth noting his confrontation with the Phoenix Force, which he manages to defeat with Hope’s help, who knows if once and for all.

Cinematic Universe of Marvel of the Scarlet Witch

If something has made Marvel’s Cinematic Universe famous – and many have tried to copy it… – it is his post-credit scenes that remind the viewer that the film is part of something much larger with small moments that accompany the viewer until the next release. Sometimes, fans are more excited about that little finale than the movie itself, which helps create that feeling that all the movies are like episodes of a series that leaves you wanting more.

Twins Wanda and Pietro Maximoff made their MCU debut in one of these scenes, at the end of Captain America’s Winter Soldier, noting that the origin of their powers is the experimentation with Loki’s scepter in the hands of Baron Von Strucker in Sokovia.

They were protagonists of Avengers the Age of Ultron. With no relation to Magneto – there are no mutants in the MCU – the Scarlet Witch’s mind-control powers are fundamental to sowing doubt and disunity in the avengers, though she will eventually face Ultron alongside them.

On the other hand, the highlight of his appearance in Captain America: Guerra Civil is his relationship with Visión which, despite the vicissitudes and obstacles, is advancing and seems to be a central element of Avengers: Guerra del Infinito.

Played by Elizabeth Olsen – the youngest of the sisters – Scarlet Witch has brought a mystical and exotic touch to the Avengers, but we’ll see if their mental instability doesn’t take its toll.

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What powers does the Scarlet Witch have?

The Scarlet Witch enjoys a superhuman ability to unfold chaos by magic. And when I say superhuman, I mean that not even Dr. Strange and Professor Xavier are able to contain them for a long time.

When she is sane, she is able to handle these powers with absolute precision, being one of the most powerful members of the Avengers. She can teleport (herself or more people) over long distances and manipulate and levitate objects with her mind. But its powers go much further, because it is the Nexus Being that anchors the entire Main Universe of Marvel (Earth-616) in reality and can therefore alter reality at will or involuntarily. This manifests itself, above all, at times of maximum stress, when it is capable of resuscitating Quicksilver to take away his powers from a third of the mutant population.

#InFewWords: A conclusion of the Scarlet Witch

The cornerstone

The Scarlet Witch is a much more important and principal character in the Marvel Universe, even if it is not the most well-known one for the general public. The truth is that some of the most shocking sagas of recent years have dealt with the consequences of their actions, precisely Casa de M.

As if this were not enough, both she and her brother Pietro, being Avengers and Mutants, are the middle of the dispute between Marvel and Fox. Perhaps that’s why the most recent canon states that they are neither really mutants – by the Great Evolutioner – nor are they Magneto’s children… something that fans should not pay too much attention to. Be that as it may, the Scarlet Witch deserves a place of importance within the Marvel Universe since it could destroy it.

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