Robbie Reyes


Who is Robbie Reyes?

Robbie Reyes was a small fry mechanic trying to survive in Hillrock Heights, a neighbourhood in East Los Angeles, plagued with violent crime and street gangs. Of hispanic origin, the death of his parents makes young Robbie soley responsible for his little brother Gabe, who is still a teenager. He suffers from a motor disability that forces him to use crutches. Knowing that his brother Gabe is not safe in that neighbourhood, Robbie decides to participate in a street car race for a prize of $50,000. However, nothing goes as planned and in the middle of the race he is chased. Although he tries to get away, he is trapped in a dead end. Getting out of the car he is riddled with bullets by his pursuers, who then take something from the car that Robbie didn’t even know was there, since he had borrowed it from the workshop.


The unexpected doesn’t always work against heroes and what Robbie was completely unaware of was that the car he was driving is possessed by the spirit of Eli Morrow (who it turns out was his uncle) a satanic serial killer condemned to wander the earth, as something like a Spirit of Vengeance. With Robbie dead or dying on the ground, the spirit possesses him and turns him into a Ghost Rider. At that moment a new and tumultuous chapter in the life of Robbie Reyes begins. In the beginning, Eli offers Robbie a chance to seek revenge for the injustices of the world through his power and in communion with his car. A tense battle then begins between a Robbie who is not so convinced that he wants to be a justice-giver and an Eli anxious to spill excessive amounts of blood.

Personality – Robbie Reyes

Really, the only goal and desire that occupies Robbie’s mind is to provide for and take care of his brother Gabe. In fact, on more than one occasion he uses his powers as Ghost Rider to easily win in street races, so that he won’t have to work and thereby be able to spend more time with his brother. He is usually calm, careful and very formal, but his obsession with achieving a better social position and especially his “relationship” with his uncle Eli, makes him take risky, illegal, or extremely violent decisions.

Friends and Enemies – Robbie Reyes

As he does not seem very determined to make a career for himself in the world of superheroes, Robbie remains fairly isolated from the rest of the characters in the Marvel Universe, concentrating on cleaning up his neighbourhood of low-level thugs and gangsters. However, his conversion into Ghost Rider draws the attention of Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider par excellence in the Marvel Universe. When Johnny comes to Los Angeles, Robbie has been completely dominated by Eli and it is the original Ghost Rider that helps him re-gain control of his own body and to better manage the parasitic personality of Eli. In terms of enemies, the most famous of them all is Mr. Hyde whom Robbie defeats when he sets up a narcotics operation in his neighbourhood.

Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider

Marvel Cinematic Universe – Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is not only successful in cinemas, with its excursions into television becoming ever longer and more complex. The first series to debut was Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D., that was born of the desire to unite the movies and satisfy the hunger of Marvel fans between trips to the cinema. Four years after its release and after having experienced the betrayal of Hydra, the revelation of the existence of the Inhumans and the invasion of the alien Hive, the team led by Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) will continue on the small screen for at least one more year.

In its fourth season Quake (Chloe Bennet), Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) and May (Min-ga Wen) join Robbie Reyes, played by Gabriel Luna. The inclusion of Ghost Rider in Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. was a pleasant surprise for fans who also saw how the show alternated between the fantastical and magical dimension of this character and high technology provided by the experiments of Fitz, Dr.Radcliffe and his creation Aida. All of them, including Robbie’s uncle Eli (who in this case is a separate personality) go looking for Darkhold, a book of enormous power capable of divining the darkest desires of its reader and overwhelming he or she with obsessive, insane ambitions. Without a doubt, the special effects surrounding the character are constrained by the lower budget available in a television production. But the only other on-screen representation of a similar character was the movie Ghost Rider, in which Nicholas Cage played Johnny Blaze, and was not especially good quality. So it is therefore pleasing to note that Gabriel Luna’s work, as well as the script and plot finally do the character justice.

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Powers – Robbie Reyes

As a human, Robbie is no more than a person in a physical form that can be qualified as average. However, when the Ghost Rider powers are allowed to flow, he turns into a flaming skull and his performance is dramatically increased. He thereby acquires strength and superhuman endurance, in addition to pyrokinesis. Finally, by merging with the car he is able to summon and control it without being inside it, or to teletransport himself into it from distance.

Summary – Robbie Reyes

Big Brother

To avoid confusion among fans, it is not usual in Marvel to have multiple characters sharing the same name and powers. However, Ghost Rider is a unique case since there are a number of spirits of vengeance, so it isn’t unusual to find characters who have made a pact with a particular demon. This kind of narrative trickery allows writers to add a twist to a character using a well-known motivation: vengeance, which can then be applied to another personal story. In this case we see Robbie die due to making a bad decision while trying to take care of his brother, but coming back to life so that he won’t abandon him, although this leads to a life of constant conflict.

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