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Quicksilver marvel

Who is Quicksilver?

Although these days (because of Marvel CEO, Ike Perlmutter’s obsession with getting rid of the Fox mutant saga) the comics state that Pietro and his sister Wanda are two young Serbians who The High Evolutionary kidnapped and improved, Quicksilver and the Scarlett Witch will forever be the result of an on-off relationship between mutant leader Magneto and the Romani Marya Maximoff. Be that as it may, it is certain that Pietro and his sister grew up in a small Roma community, which was wiped-out by their neighbours just as Maximoffs’ powers were beginning to manifest. After wandering in Europe, they are invited by Magneto into his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, without whom nobody would have known of their parental relationship. After a time with them, they decide to flee and seek refuge with the Avengers to get away from the violence of Magneto and his henchmen. Captain America and Hawkeye then become part of the rejuvenated team they have formed.

Quien es quicksilver

During the fighting between the mutant-killer robots The Sentinels and The Avengers, Pietro is injured and would have died were it not for the help of Crystal, who finds him dying. A member of the Inhumans Royal Family, Crystal takes Quicksilver to Attilan, located on the Blue Area of the Dark Side of the Moon, to care for him. In the months that pass while Quicksilver recovers, they fall in love and get married shortly after. This marriage takes place in the middle of Pietro’s involvement with the Inhumans, which results in (for example), being a victim of the mental manipulations of Crystal’s brother Maximus, who aspires to take control of the power possessed by Black Ray. Crystal conceives a daughter named Moon, endowed with empathic and psychic powers.

In addition to his relationship with the Inhumans and the politics that entails, Pietro is also involved in the catastrophic events that his sister occasionally unleashes. An especially serious example are the events known as House of M. In fact, after having lost the trial, and having been captured by Magneto, Pietro tries to rescue her and urges her to use her powers to change the world in the image of both their desires. However, this translates into a world where Magneto is king, and they are nobility, which ends up with a revolution that take’s Pietro’s life. This results in Wanda changing reality again, but this time making all the mutants lose their powers. Her central role in these events affects her deeply, even to the point of attempting suicide. However, she manages to recover and works with the rest of the mutants (91% of them) who have lost their powers and seek to recover, by means of  the Inhuman Terragenesis for example.

Personality – Quicksilver

Quicksilver is impetuous and quick to act, which is perhaps a byproduct of his powers, innate enthusiasm, or a mixture of both. There are two fundamental aspects that make up Pietro’s personality. Firstly, the fact that he lost all his family and friends causes him to protect his sister in particular. So much so that at times their relationship has a borderline incestuous, somewhat sickly undertone. Even so, their relationship is important because they balance each other out, something very necessary when your sister is able to destroy the Universe on a bad day. On the other hand, Pietro feels the need to be part of something, whether it be the Brotherhood, the Avengers or the Inhuman Royal Family. He feels comfortable as part of a group or a family, something that at times he never thought he would experience again

Personalidad de Quicksilver

Friends and enemies – Quicksilver

Pietro Maximoff is one of the most famous and oldest in the Marvel Universe and has therefore been with a great many of the characters that populate its pages. Among them are some of the Avengers such as Vision, Hank Pym and other members of the superhero community, like Namor. He also has an extensive political family, including Black Ray and Gorgon. His participation in the detective team X-Factor lead by Havok is also noteworthy. In terms of enemies he has faced Magneto and others such as Mystique and Sabretooth, as well as The High Evolutionary who gave him his powers.

Amigos y enemigos de Quicksilver

Quicksilver – Marvel Cinematic Universe

Quicksilver is a unique case in the world of cinema superheroes because he is the only character that is part of two different franchises at the same time: the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fox’s X-Men. This is because, on the one hand, as children of Magneto (something that new comics have tried to change, much to the fury of fans) his superpowers are mutant in origin, which therefore means that his cinematic rights belong to 20th Century Fox. However, on the other hand, both he and his sister Wanda Maximoff are members of the historical Avengers so are therefore still the property of Marvel and now Disney. Whatever the case may be, the character has appeared in The Avengers: Age of Ultron and X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men Apocalypse.

In The Avengers, Pietro Maximoff is played by Kickass actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and appears next to his sister Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) first as lackeys of Ultron who are seeking revenge against Tony Stark (who is accused of having killed his parents) and a few Avengers that cause chaos in Sokovia regardless of the civilian population. Even so, when they discover Ultron’s plan to exterminate the entire population, Quicksilver joins forces with The Avengers, putting his super-speed at their service, which only a short time before had been used to almost defeat them. Unfortunately, Quicksilver pays the ultimate price and sacrifices himself to save Hawkeye with whom he had quickly developed a special relationship in one of the most powerful scenes of the MCU, which showed the real risks faced by The Avengers.

While The Avengers refer to Pietro as a miracle or an individual improved by Baron Von Strucker using Loki’s staff (that contains the mind gem and gave life to Vision), in X-Men Quicksilver can make a claim to being mutant without fear of legal action. Played by Evan Peters, coincidentally also a veteran of Kickass, you couldn’t really say that he is one of the main characters, but the scenes of him using his powers in Days of Futures Past and Apocalypse, are some of the best in those films. See more of the best Quicksilver (Marvel can’t win it all) in the much-anticipated X-Men: Dark Phoenix, coming out in 2018.

Powers – Quicksilver

The super-speedy Quicksilver cannot be reduced merely to moving his legs very very fast. In fact, it is curious that Pietro is immune to any impact or blow while he is running, even being able to spend hours and hours without taking a breath. His speed is so great that he is able to create the appearance of being in multiple places at once, to run on the ocean or even travel forward and backward in time by exceeding the speed of light.

Summary – Quicksilver


Just like the Gasol brothers playing in the NBA All-Stars, in the Marvel Universe there are also siblings who have reached the top, in this case becoming members of the Avengers. However, and unlike the Gasol brothers, the dependent relationship between the two is almost sickly and toxic. This duality has been present in the comics for decades, owing to the fact that it is often their relationships and feelings that unite the diverse branches of the Marvel Universe, from The Inhumans to The Avengers as well as being a part of the mutant family.