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Profesor X

Who’s Charles Xavier?

Like so many other heroes, Charles Xavier’s childhood is marked by abuse. Her mother’s second husband, Dr. Kurt Marko, mistreated her because of her alcohol addiction and was only with her for her money and her stepbrother Cain Marko hated her more and more because her father beat her and not Charles. In addition, during that time Charles had to learn to control for himself the enormous psychic powers that, on the other hand, made him bald. His mother dies young from the abuse and Kurt dies during a fight with Cain that causes an explosion in his lab. Meanwhile, Charles goes to college where he excels as a brilliant mind in Genetics and Biophysics and where he meets Moira, his first love. In the meantime, too, Cain is increasingly resentful of all his academic achievements. Unfortunately, at a time when Charles and Moira were thinking of definitively formalizing their relationship, Charles and Cain were recruited to fight in the Korean War. In it, Cain deserts and as Charles tries to find him, he finds an ancient gem in the lost temple of Cyttorak and becomes Juggernaut and swears to pursue Charles all his life.

Quien es el profesor x

On her return from the war Charles discovers that Moira has married another man and, in an attempt to forget her, decides to travel around the world to find out more about the mutants. On this journey he meets Erik Magnus Leshnerr with whom he debates for months about the fate of the human race and the mutants but, although they are deeply respected, Charles and the mutant who will call himself Magneto have irreconcilable differences. Charles wants to live together and Magneto believes that only if the mutants dominate can another Holocaust be avoided. During that same stay in Israel, Charles unknowingly conceived the mutant Legion. Finally, before returning to the United States, Xavier visits the Himalayas and finding himself and preventing an alien invasion, a huge rock falls on his legs, rendering them useless forever.

Upon his return, he meets again with Moira, although this time only as friends, and together they discuss the possibility of creating a team of mutants to show the world their abilities to defend the planet and thus gain public support and the creation of a school to find – through the Brain machine that amplifies Charles’ powers – and help control their powers to the young mutants that appear all over the globe. These two projects become the X-Men and the Xavier Institute for young talent.

In his position as team and school leader Charles becomes the spokesman for mutants who want to live with humans and opposes any attempt by both sides to turn the situation into an open war. The most powerful mutants pass through the door of his institute, but also those who need more help and can find in Charles a role model. In addition, Charles is one of the most powerful humans on the planet and is also often involved in global threats alongside other heroes, especially the impact these threats often have on the mutant community. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Charles often goes where he needs to, and this costs him his life when he tries to control the Phoenix Force, which on this occasion has possessed a Cyclops incapable of standing up to him and ends up killing the professor involuntarily.

The personality of Charles Xavier

Charles is almost a fanatic of his vision of a world of peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants. All the efforts of his life and practically every breath of air he takes are devoted to that goal. He always thinks it is possible to lead his enemies back, especially if they are mutants and only use violence as a last resort. Being a serious and goal-oriented person does not, for example, prevent you from being kind to your students or from enjoying falling in love and being loved. Finally, it should be noted that he is still somewhat reserved and that his brilliant, gridded mind makes him a born strategist who sometimes cannot help but be Machiavellian.

Personalidad del profesor X

Friends and enemies of Charles Xavier

It could be said that every mutant has a friend in Charles if he so desires, but it is normal that he has been more related to one than the other. For example, Scott Summer and Jean Grey are almost his sons and Wolverine respects him more than anyone else. Within the superheroic community, Charles is part of the select group of Illuminati along with Black Lightning, Namor, Reed Richards, Black Panther, Dr. Weird and Iron Man. As for her loves, they are many and varied, from Gabrielle Haller, a woman in a catatonic state whom she awakens and with whom she engenders Legion to Lilandra Neramani, to none other than the Empress of the Shi’ar Empire.

Amigos y enemigos del profesor X

As for his enemies, Professor X has confronted all those who have opposed the freedom of the mutants or persecuted them for their condition, from the Trask sentries of industry to the United States government itself. His intimate enemy, however, is Magneto because he thinks that his terrorist acts only drive away the advent of the peaceful world that Charles seeks. In fact, in one of his fights, Charles inadvertently creates Onslaught by absorbing the consciousness of Magneto, a villain who nearly destroyed humanity and left Charles’ reputation among mutants very much touched.

Charles Xavier in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

Charles Xavier is probably one of the Marvel characters best known to the general public and therefore, in his first adaptation of the X-Men to the big screen in 2000 his casting was a fundamental issue with which, fortunately, he was right. Patrick Stewart, until then best known for his role as captain of the interstellar ship Enterprise, played Professor X and, as an antagonist, Ian Mackellen played Magneto. Probably the best of the first three X-Men movies, which were clearly outnumbered, was to see the characters so well transported from the comic book pages to the celluloid because they were joined by others as well selected as Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or Halle Berry as Storm.

Although Past Days of the Future (2014) was the end of the old team in favour of a younger one, led by James Mcavoy as Charles, Michael Fassbender as Magneto and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystic and who are now the only ones in X-Men Apocalypse (2016), Patrick Stewart had a tragic farewell in Logan in which Charles, in his old age, begins to suffer a kind of Alzheimer’s that affects his powers. Without Patrick’s Charles Xavier, who stands out for his regal and wise appearance, McAvoy’s is more human because he is younger and has many doubts about how to use his powers and how to help the mutant community. Be that as it may, he must be prepared because with a title like Dark Phoenix, the film to be released in 2018 promises to be his greatest challenge yet and the Phoenix Force an unstoppable earthquake. We will also see if, being in space, we can see for the first time his relationship with Lilandra Neramami of the Shi’ar.

What powers does Charles Xavier have?

Charles is one of the most powerful mutants on earth and his telepathic powers are the strongest on the planet. He can control the minds of others, camouflage himself and those around him and create illusions. It can also transfer your mind to another body, generate amnesia and protective shields. In addition, with the help of Brain, it is able to locate and value the power of any mutant on the face of the earth.


# InFewWords: A conclusion by Charles Xavier


Charles Xavier represents the essence of what it means to be a teacher by accompanying mutants in the arduous process of discovering themselves as individuals and as a species. The appearance of mutants is the most complex situation humanity has ever faced and Charles Xavier is a kind of Martin Luther King who dreams of being the bridge that unites both species and allows them to collaborate. Charles is able not to teach but to make others grow around him and show them that another world is possible through his actions.