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Misty Knight, the agent with the bionic arm

Misty Knight Marvel

¿Quién es Misty Knight?

Misty Knight was just one of many African-American police officers in New York City who watch over the safety of the streets of the big city. In one of his many operations, he found a bomb about to explode inside a bank. To prevent damage to civilians, Misty takes the bomb and tries to defuse it, but explodes by amputating an arm. Moved and impressed by the heroism of an anonymous person who sacrifices himself in the line of duty, Tony Stark builds him a bionic arm to replace the lost limb. Even so, Misty has to retire from active service and, not content with working behind a desk, decides to found the company Knightwing Restorations S.L. with her friend Colleen Wing, a private investigator.

Quien es Misty Knight

At this stage, those who would soon be baptized by Steel Serpent as the Daughters of the Dragon, become a fundamental part of the heroic fabric of New York City along with others like Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, but always with the need to square their scores. So much so that Misty, along with Colleen, also became a bounty hunter for the courts, in charge of recovering the villains who skipped bail. In a short time, Misty became so famous in the world of law that District Attorney Blake Tower recruited her as a key player in infiltrating various criminal organizations.

During the Civil War, Iron Man and Reed Richards ask Misty and Colleen to refound the Rental Heroes to capture superheroes who refuse to submit to the registration under the Superhuman Registration Act. Although reluctantly, Misty becomes one of 146 registered superheroes which, as in so many other cases, affects his relationships with other heroes like Iron Fist as only a Civil War can do. However, at the end of the war they end up getting engaged and, although they live in different apartments, they are officially considered to be together. Misty continues, now independently, his private investigations with special attention to the mafia and the ninja sect La Mano.

Misty Knight’s personality

Misty Knight is a strong and independent woman, although that does not make her invulnerable to sentimental tribulations. As a police officer, she never misses anyone and as a private investigator, she doesn’t change her dynamic at all. He is loyal and a person you can count on not to step back from anything, especially if his friends are in danger. Finally, it should be noted that Misty is a proud member of two minorities: African-American… and cyborg, and she is an active participant in their equality recognition movements.

Personalidad de Misty Knight

Friends and enemies of Misty Knight

In his role as a contractor, Misty has met many of the street heroes of the Marvel Universe and even many of the individuals with “special abilities” – because not everyone deserves the title of B series superhero. Among them are Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Sam Wilson, Black Widow or Moon Knight, as well as the lesser-known Paladin, Tarantula, Orka or Shang-Chi who formed his team during the Civil War. His friendship with Colleen Wing is one of the strongest in the Marvel Universe and has lasted over time even though they have sometimes fallen in love with the same man.

Amigos y enemigos de Misty Knight

En cuanto a sus enemigos, son muchos y muy variados, pero, de nuevo, se repite la dualidad entre villanos de bajo calibre como Humbug, Bola-8 o Remolino y otros más peligrosos como Killgrave, Steel Serpent o Typhoid Mary. Por último, cabe destacar que Misty, normalmente en equipo, se enfrentado también a organizaciones como La Secta de Kali, la Mano o la propia Hydra, desbaratando en algunas ocasiones sus planes.

Misty Knight in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

Not every superhero team can be based in a huge mansion like the X-Men or a skyscraper in downtown New York like The Avengers. Nor can all superhero teams move billions of euros to the benefit of box office box offices with their film adaptations. However, Disney and Marvel are convinced that they are trying to make the most of all their characters and so, with the help of Netflix, they have found the ideal space for The Defenders -Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jone- in the form of individual television series that end up converging into an event series. Obviously, when replicating the formula of their hits on the big screen, it’s no wonder that these series have been a real hit on the streaming channel.

Of course, another of the fundamental aspects imitated by the Netflix corner of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is to surround the protagonists of a rich cast of classic secondary characters from the comics. This is the case of Misty Knight who, played by Simone Missick, debuts in Luke Cage – Mike Colter – as a policewoman seeking to wallpaper Cottonmouth played by Oscar-winning Mahershala Ali. Her relationship with Luke is fundamental in the season and, although they take some time off with the character and go with a certain calm, we can already see that she is not at all satisfied with the limitations imposed by her work in the police and even give us a foreshadowing to the fans when she ends up with her arm in a sling.

Little by little we can expect his character to become even more like a comic book. For example, in the series-event The Defenders, in which everyone will finally join forces to face Alexandra, played by Sigourney Weaver, Misty will meet Colleen Wing and, taking into account that it is already confirmed that Misty will join her and Danny Rand in the second season of Iron Fist, we can hope that it will be the beginning of a great friendship or even a series under the name of the Daughters of the Dragon. After all, Colleen is already called by that name in the first season of Iron Fist.

What powers does Misty Knight have?

Misty Knight doesn’t have any power. It is true that its bionic arm allows it to strike or stop attacks that would otherwise shatter it, but it does not stand out for using it as a weapon. Although he likes to fight hand-to-hand, it’s when things get serious that Misty pulls out his lethal weapon: A firearm aim that’s up to any special forces operation or more.

# InFewWords: A Misty Knight conclusion

A woman with a gun taking over

The Marvel Universe is full of characters with a great personality and attitude who are little more than forces of nature. Although it can’t cause a hurricane, Misty is a whirlwind wherever she goes and won’t be easily frightened. Together with Colleen, she is a born leader capable of uniting people around her. Being a character from the 70’s he also fulfills the objective of showing that in the Marvel Universe strong and independent women of color can also be protagonists.