Maximus, the black sheep of the Inhuman family

Maximus Marvel

Who’s Maximus?

Maximus Boltagon is the black sheep of the Inhumana Royal Family. Like his older brother Blackagar and the rest of his family, he was exposed to Terragenesis when he was only an embryo but, unlike them, he does not directly manifest any type of power. However, as he matures, he begins to develop psionic powers that allow him to annul the will of those around him. According to him, the sinister and antisocial tendencies he began to show from a very young age he decided to hide them and use them in his numerous attempts at a coup d’état. At the age of 16, he tried to negotiate with the Kree – the creative and enslaving race of the Inhumans – but his brother stopped the ship on which the emissaries were fleeing with such bad luck that he crashed into the city, killing the parents of both Agon and Rynda. At that moment Blackagar becomes the King of the Inhumans and Maximus swears to oppose him all his life.

Quien es Maximus

His first attempt to gain control of Atillan involves instigating a slave revolt that ends with Medusa, Blackagar’s wife and cousin, losing her memory and wandering the world and the rest of the Inhumane Royal Family looking for her. Although the crown is made, hundreds of years later and once they have managed to find it, Blackagar has no problem to take it away from them again. Frustrated, he decides to unleash an Atmospheric Bomb to kill all humans, but it doesn’t work because Inhuman humans are too genetically similar. In spite of all his crimes, Blackagar always resists to banish definitively his brother and accepts his apologies and his promises to change, something that Maximus takes advantage of to continue plotting his plans or preparing weapons like the Hypnotic Gun that allow him to improve his powers.

Maximus’ personality

Maximus is a sociopath who resents the prominent figure of his brother both as king and as Medusa’s consort. He is a genocidal megalomaniac who aims to destroy humans and anyone else who stands in his way to the throne of Atillan. To do so, he will make a pact with whoever it takes and betray his family and his race. If there are no conflicts, he creates them and if there are any, he instigates them. It is true that on occasion he has helped the Illuminati, for example, or even the Avengers if there is some cosmic threat or that he is willing to do what others are not willing to do to survive, as during Time is Exhausted but also irresponsible and has created or released threats without thinking about their consequences.

Friends and enemies of Maximus

The Inhumana Royal Family is more complex and unrealistic than Dallas and Maximus plays the role of the resentful brother who hates the whole family, if we add to this that everyone has some kind of power the conflict is served. His older brother is the King but cannot speak because his sonic powers are so destructive that they would kill anyone around him. His cousin and Blackagar’s wife, with whom Maximus is in love, can control his hair like his millions of arms. She also has a sister named Crystal who in turn has the ability to control fire, air and water. To these four should be added four other cousins (they are all cousins to each other, if they are not brothers…) who are Gorgon, Karnak, Psynapse and Triton. With the latter, who must always be underwater, Maximus has a special relationship and is often the one who manages to convince his plans. Oh, and a dog capable of teleporting named Lockjaw.

Amigos y enemigos de Maximus

Beyond the Royal Family, Maximus formed a band with six other renegade Inhumans who help him in his plans: Falcona, Aireo, Stallior, Nebulo, Leonus and Timberius, although it is not too hard for him to abandon them if things go wrong. Although I have fought with the Inhumans against the Shi’ar Empire, it has also freed Thanos to take over the cosmic cube so you can never be sure which side he will be on.

Maximus in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

The Inhumans have been the focus of a tug-of-war between Ike Perlmutter, COE of Marvel and Kevin Feige, TV producer at Marvel-Disney, as their positions on their importance and role in the Marvel Kinematic Universe were quite conflicting. While Ike Perlmutter wanted to put the Inhumans at the centre of the MCU to counteract the impossibility of having the X-Men, Feige considered them unnecessary because they were the subject of the mutants – even though they call them the same – something that was too much seen and because he thought it was much more important to make a film starring a superheroine, something that Ike did not want to do by citing the failures of Catwoman and Elektra as an example of the public not wanting it. In the end, an agreement was reached and Bob Iger, Disney’s chief, mediated the announcement of a film starring Captain Marvel and another starring the Inhumans.

However, the conflict between the two and between Marvel’s TV and Film divisions remained latent and the inclusion of the Inhumans ahead of time in the second season of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents. made Feige set an ultimatum: either he took over the movies alone or he left. Considering that it is really impossible to imagine the Cinematic Universe without Feige, in a Solomonic decision he took the movies and Ike took the television. So it happened that the Inhumans also went from cinema to television.

However, as Marvel is still Marvel and they have to innovate, the series that will be released in September 2017 will be recorded for IMAX cinemas and will be released in them. From what we can understand about the trailers, Maximus, played by the genius Iwan Rehon -Ramsay Bolton in Tone Play- will be the great antagonist who raises the Inhumanos against their king and forces some members of the Inhumana Royal Family like Black Lightning to flee to Earth, discovering their existence before the world. The truth is that the casting seems perfect and promises that we will at least have a good Maximus in a series that has generated perhaps too many expectations.

What powers does Maximus have?

Maximus’ powers not only allow him to control the minds of others but something much more subtle. He stuns them enough to let them accede to his wishes thinking that they have come to that decision for themselves. In this way, Maximus appears to be a charismatic leader and not a manipulator. On the other hand, and although he is not at the level of Blackagar, Maximus is an Inhuman and, therefore, his physiology is superhuman in terms of strength, endurance and life expectancy.

#InFewWords: A Maximus conclusion

The Mad King

Maximus wants to be king instead of king and uses his madness as a weapon and as an excuse for his actions. He’s one of Marvel’s most interesting characters, because sometimes Blackagar can be too inflexible, so you end up siding with Maximus almost by accident….just so he can take his megalomaniacal and genocidal instincts for a walk and the reader feels horrified to have taken his side. We’ll see if they manage to convey the same feeling in the series, but it doesn’t seem difficult since their brother won’t say anything to defend himself.