Margaret “Peggy” Carter, the first SHIELD agent

Peggy Carter Marvel Avengers

Who’s Peggy Carter?

Although Margaret – known as Peggy – Carter was born into a wealthy family in Richmond Virginia and never had any needs, that didn’t stop her from joining the U.S. Army and even going a step further, traveling to France to join the resistance that is harassing the Nazi army in Europe. Idealistic and courageous, it’s no wonder that when they meet Captain America on one of the Resistance missions, they both fall in love with each other. However, duty calls and Peggy respects it deeply and they are forced to separate when Steve is called elsewhere on the front lines. However, what should be a brief separation becomes permanent when Peggy is abducted by the Gestapo and convalesces from amnesia when she is released and only recovers her memory when she reads about Steve’s death in the Daily Bugle. Although Steve’s loss causes him great pain, Peggy does not wrinkle and continues to fight until the end of the war and, after the war, joins a nascent S.H.I.E.L.D.

In the new organization he fights alongside such prominent figures as Howard Stark and Woody McCord, confronting Hydra and alien threats and artifacts that may affect the Earth. Later, she falls prey to Dr. Fausto, who deceives her and controls her by making her believe that she is her therapist. It has to be a Captain America, who has returned to the modern world after being frozen in the ocean, who rescues it and brings it back to reality and, although Peggy at first still has romantic feelings for Steve, they soon become a lifelong friendship between them. Although he still works at S.H.I.E.L.D. and for the Avengers a few more years, Peggy ends up retiring and, unfortunately, begins to suffer from dementia. Her death and funeral becomes a great gathering for many of the heroes she was friends with in her lifetime and a statue was erected in her honor at the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy. in Newark, New Jersey.

Peggy Carter’s personality

Peggy Carter is not intimidated by what the society of her time – the 1940s and beyond – expects of her. Daring, independent and stubborn, she necessarily lives surrounded by men who do not always agree with her position or take it seriously, but she does not care. In fact, iconoclast like her alone, she is one of the first to maintain an interracial relationship in the Marvel Universe.

Friends and Enemies of Peggy Carter

Over the years, Peggy Carter has made many friends, but also more than one enemy. As an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. has worked side by side with Nick Fury and Nick Fury Jr. as well as some of the brightest minds on the planet, including Howard Stark and Hank Pym. In addition, during her time as an agent of support for the Avengers, she was loved and respected by all of them. Among his lovers, Captain America and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent stand out. Gabe Jones and, although he never had any children, took care of his deceased cousin’s daughter as if she were his own, Sharon Carter.

His enemies come, for the most part, from World War II and his years of tireless fighting against Hydra. Among them, Crane Red stands out above all, who not only took Steve away from him but, after learning of the interracial relationship between Peggy and Gabe, kidnapped and tortured them both until they were rescued by Captain America.

Peggy Carter in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

Peggy Carter is one of Captain America’s main characters: the First Avenger, directed by Joe Johnston, and played by Haley Atwell. In the film we can see Agent Carter in full splendor as one of the first S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives. being instrumental in winning World War II and Steve Rogers becoming Captain America. In fact, the relationship between the two is one of the most interesting plots in a film that, without being totally unsuccessful, will not go down in history. Although they take certain leaves of absence – as in every adaptation – the end of their relationship is the same, as the Captain falls into a deep sleep under the Antarctic. The next time Peggy sees Steve, she’ll be like an old lady in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and she’ll barely recognize him. Luckily, we were able to see Haley Atwell continue her role as Peggy Carter in her own series Agent Carter, set in the 1950s that didn’t look kindly on an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. with as much charisma as she does. However, despite the fact that the criticism was not bad, the series did not click with the audiences and was cancelled after only two seasons.

Even so, Peggy Carter’s character is loved by fans and her memories of Steve, which show that she has not forgotten her, are fundamental to understanding the character. In fact, until his death, in Captain America: Guerra Civil is crucial because his funeral is the last moment when Tony and Steve have been able to be together without a fight, which shows the humanity of heroes who are sometimes morally overtaken by anonymous people like Peggy Carter or Philip Coulson. Since the rumors about Avengers 4 point to a movie about time travel, it’s not at all crazy to see Haley Atwell playing Peggy Carter on the big screen again. We’ll see if he can finally get the happy ending with Steve he deserves.

What powers does Peggy Carter have?

Peggy Carter has no powers of any kind. She has good military training that makes her lethal with a weapon in her hand and more than competent in hand-to-hand combat, but her body suffers the deterioration of age like any other human being. In fact, after his involvement in World War II and the early years at S.H.I.E.L.D.. soon becomes a leader and uses his experience and personality as a weapon and not his body.

#InFewWords: A Peggy Carter conclusion

Peggy Carter is one of those characters who accompany heroes to remind them that, despite their superhuman powers, they are still people, humanizing them before the reader or viewer and themselves. Despite her initially secondary character, Agent Carter has earned a place in the minds of all comic book fans for her courage and tenacity and, why not, for the tragic and tender nature of her story.