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Magik, the powerful sister of Colossus


Who is Magik?

Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina, alias “Magik” is the younger sister of the Rasputins, Piotr – better known as Colossus – and the cosmonaut Mikhail, all mutants. Her first comic book appearance is as a hostage of Miss Locke, who abducts the X-Men’s loved ones to rescue her boss, villain Arcade, from the hands of Dr. Locke. Death. After this and at the age of six, he stays in Mansion X. However, at the age of six, she is kidnapped by Belasco, the demon lord of the alternative dimension, Limbo, where demon creatures inhabit, but never attack Magik, both because Belasco himself falls in love with her and because he feels the tremendous power that dwells within her. It is in this parallel dimension where she grows up and learns to use the black magic that Belasco teaches her, but also white at the hands of a Storm from another reality that is also a prisoner in this dimension.

When she finally managed to return to Earth, only a few seconds had elapsed in her, although she had grown up to thirteen years of age, and so she began to be tutored by Professor X with the intention of becoming part of the X-Men at the latest. In fact, along with Kitty Pride, Wolfsbane or Cannonball, she joins the New Mutants, the X-Men youth team and although she discovers that she is not as powerful in this dimension as in Limbo, she soon becomes an indispensable element of the team with her teleportation discs and her astral-fed sword, although at first she hides from them that she is a magician for fear of what they might think. In fact, Magik is constantly harassed and stalked by demonic forces and her relationship with Limbo is so close that she becomes split into a demonic personality called Darkchilde, whom she does not defeat until she accepts as part of herself. However, later on, when the shadows that haunt her threaten to overtake the rest of the team, she is forced to reveal it.

Magik’s personality

While Illyana can be a sweet person, a great friend and companion who can sometimes look almost angelic, we must not forget that she has been touched by the back of the hand of God, the devil, and is very much given to outbursts of cruelty and brutality that reserves for his enemies. Although she is well aware that her powers endanger the purity of her own soul, the weapons of evil are the most effective she has and, for one who has suffered like her, the end justifies the means.

La personalidad de Magik

Friends and Enemies of Magik

Magik’s best friend is Kitty Pride because, after returning from Limbo, they are both the same age and become inseparable roommates. On the other hand, his mentor is Ororo because, even though his relationship begins with the Storm of another dimension, it restarts with that of his reality. On the other hand, and although they spend little time together in childhood, Magik’s relationship with his brother Piotr is very close. Finally, it should also be noted that as a notorious mutant he has been associated with heroes of the stature of Wolverine, Cyclops and Professor X, while as a magician he has attracted the attention of Stephen Strange who is surprised when he discovers that his power allows him to use the eye of Agamotto as he does.

Amigos y enemigos de Magik

As for her enemies, Belasco’s obsession with her is continuous, which also extends to her demonic servants, including S’ym and N’astrith. The nature of Magik’s powers has also made him confront cosmic beings like The Beyonder, Mephisto or Legion when he loses control of his multiple personalities.

Magik in the Cinematic Universe of Marvel

The premiere of Deadpool by Fox and its enormous success with critics and audiences opened up endless possibilities for the mutant universe. Until that moment, the production company that owned the film rights to Marvel’s mutant world had been content to exploit the X-Men brand and the character of Wolverine, but that success proved that there was an audience for much more. Both for other styles as shown in the film Logan, more serious and violent, and for new characters, in this case, The New Mutants.

Once the film was announced, it was obvious that Magik would be one of the protagonists of a film that already has other Wolfsbane mutants -Maise Williams-, Cannonball -Charlie Heaton- or Mirage -Blu Hunt-, so all that was missing was a casting that, with Anya Taylor-Joy, has hit the nail on the head by finding an angel that is really a demon. What was really surprising was the turn towards the horror genre that was shown in the first trailer of the film directed by the almost new Josh Boone, famous for the romantic drama “Under the Same Star”. Be that as it may, it is clear that Magik’s demons will be central to a film that aims to demonstrate that the Marvel Universe in general is capable of working in a multitude of genres and its success in April 2018 could encourage other genres to continue exploring new possibilities.

What powers does Magik have?

Magik can create teleportation disks that allow you to travel across the Limbo over enormous distances in just a few thousandths of a second, both spatially and temporally. These disks can be used by her but also by others that are placed on them. On the other hand, Illyana is able to summon a sword and armor of astral energy capable of passing through almost any material. Finally, although her magical powers are a little vague, she has shown great power in channelling the demonic energy of Limbo to the powerful Asgardian Enchantress, for example.

# InFewWords: A Magik’s conclusion

Angels and Demons

Magik is one of those characters from the Marvel Universe who make the world of comics great by mixing and remixing ideas and narratives from many different sources. After all, Belasco comes from Dante’s novels and Magik becomes one of the points through which hellish mythology is introduced into the pages of the House of Ideas. His adaptation, being a well-known and beloved character, has to be done with care and respect but the conversion of The New Mutants into a saga of terror certainly helps us to see Yllyana Rasputina in all her splendor.