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Luke Cage

Sweet Christmas!

Biografía Luke Cage

Carl Lucas, born and brought up in Harlem, is the only son of the reverend James Lucas and his wife Esther. As a child and a teenager, he was always up to mischief with his friends William Stryker and Reeva Connors, to whom he soon started to feel a special attraction that, fortunately(?) is mutual. In fact, he does go one step further than mischief and joins up with Willis to join the street gang “The Rivals”. However, Stryker’s jealousy over the relationship between Luke and Reeva leads him to set a trap for his friend who is arrested and sent to Seagate prison. But there is still more. Luke tries to get revenge by contacting the Syndicate – a rival gang – to get them to kill him, but he has such bad luck that the assassination attempt not only fails but ends up killing Reeva.

Devastated by the death of his first love, for which he was responsible, he fell into a depressive and violent cycle which made him hate the other prisoners and the guards, especially Billy Bob Rackham. When Luke volunteered for an experiment in the prison,  – which was based on the Super-Soldier Serum which was given to Steve Rogers –  Rackham manipulated the machine with the aim of killing him. Ironically, this only increased Lucas’ powers and meant that he could escape from prison by cutting through the wall like it was butter. Carl tried to start a new life using the name Luke Cage and decided to offer his powers out to the highest bidder thus becoming the first  Hero for Hire.


Luke Cage really fulfils the “punk” stereotype and has a heart which doesn’t fit in his chest – a chest with great pectorals. He is a professional when it comes to intimidation, he is obstinate and tenacious and doesn’t have problems when things go wrong. He insists on working in exchange for good pay like a good professional. In reality, he is always worrying about the poorest of society, especially in the black community, who he always helps even when it is obvious that they cannot pay him.

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Friends and Enemies

Normaly, Luke Cage tries to mind his own business and wants other people to do the same. Even so, he has an important friendship with the multimillionaire warrior monk Iron Fist, with whom he founded the company Heroes for Hire. The ex-police officer  Misty Knight, the martial arts expert Colleen Wing, who would captained them later or the lawyer Jeryn Hogarth. He is also part of the Defenders with Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist and Claire Temple. He eventually gets married to Jessica and they have a daughter called Danielle.

Considering he works for the highest bidder and to defend the oppressed, he has faced  countless enemies. Kingpin, Cottonmouth, Diamondback or even the Hulk are just some of them. He also has a curious history with Dr. Doom. The latter contracted him for $200 to do a small job, but he fled New York without paying. Without thinking twice, Luke borrowed the Fantastic Four’s jet and went to Latveria and savagely attacked Dr. Doom until he was ready to pay his dues.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Just like the rest of the members of the Defenders, Iron Fist, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Luke Cage has found his little corner of Netflix in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Played by Mike Colter, Luke Cage appeared for the first time in the series: Jessica Jones, running a bar and getting over the death of his wife Reeva, who in this version dies at the hands of Kilgrave. His relationship with Jessica is one of the highlights of the series and both of the characters give their all.


Luke Cage’s own series premiered in September 2016 and it introduces a Luke who tried to go unnoticed but will soon be entangled in the Mafia of Cottonmouth, who is played by the recent Oscar winner, for Moonlight, not La La Land, Mahershala Ali and  it also stars Alfre Woodward who plays Mariah Dillard. As if that were not enough, the ghosts of the past come back to torment Luke including Willis Stryker, (Erik LaRay) who has been converted by the villainous Diamondback, as well as introducing Misty Knight (Simone Missick) and planting the see for a future series based on the Heroes for Hire.


It is also important to highlight the musical selection in the series which transports the viewer to the New York borough of Harlem. The scene where, to the rap rhythms of Wu Tang Clan Luke cleans out Cottonmouth’s “Central Bank” is particularly memorable.  Above all, “Bulletproof Love” by rapper Method Man is played in the series and it is especially iconic in capturing the tone of political vindication and civil rights which is embodied by the character of Luke Cage from his very beginnings

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Luke Cage’s powers are very easy to understand. He is extraordinarily strong, being able to lift up to 50 tonnes and his skin is impenetrable to all but a few weapons: lasers adamantium. Not very original, but nevertheless very effective. However this can also be a handicap as it is very difficult to operate on him if he suffers from any kind of internal injury which his accelerated cellular regeneration – yes he has the full kit – cannot heal.

 Just like Captain America, the Super-Soldier Serum unleashes the individual’s latent capabilities, which says a lot for what Luke is inside – even if it may be very difficult to see inside him!– and makes Luke Cage a force to be reckoned with for any superhero or supervillain in the Marvel Universe.

Radar de Poder Luke Cage

Range of Powers
  • 0/10
    Intelligence - /10
  • 0/10
    Strength - /10
  • 0/10
    Endurance - /10
  • 0/10
    Dexterity - /10
  • 0/10
    Attacking from Distance - /10


The Chain Breaker

In much the same way as he escaped from prison, both a physical and mental one, considering his condition after the death of Reeva, Luke seeks to free the oppressed from their burden. A man of the people, able to speak from the heart and put his fists where is heart is, Luke Cage is a Marvel Universe version of a mixture between Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X. His marriage to Jessica Jones shows that love is possible in a world of superheroes but I don’t want to be their if one day they ever come to blows. Sweet Christmas!

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