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Korg: Hulk’s best friend

Who’s Korg?

Korg is a Kronan of the planet Ria, but his paths approach the Earth after settling in Jupiter with his brother Margus. With a rocky appearance, very similar to that of Ben Barnes, the Thing, after being exposed to cosmic radiation, Korg is one of the members of the advance team sent by the Kronan empire to conquer the earth. However, they have the misfortune of landing in Norway, which alerts Thor to their presence. So, even though the Kronian fleet manages to enter into orbit and annihilate the first attempts of humanity’s resistance, Thor manages to arrive on time and defeat the imperial fleet, which returns home with its tail between its legs. This is not the end for Korg, far from it, but rather the beginning. As if it were Ulysses, the ship that transports him and another warrior back home deviates from its course and ends up on the strange and inhospitable planet Sakaar, where they are captured, enslaved and trained for the bloody spectacle of gladiators around which all activity on the planet revolves. As it could not be otherwise in the sometimes tragic and violent Marvel Universe, in his first combat Korg is forced to end the life of his brother Margus. Shortly after that, he was placed on the team of a Hulk who had arrived on the planet after being banished by the Illuminati and who had soon adapted to a world of force and violence.

In the arena of the Sakaar Korg and Hulk circus, they become friends and the Kronan even returns to Earth with him to try to take revenge on the Illuminati – which we remember is the council formed by some of the most powerful and intelligent heroes such as the Black Panther, Charles Xavier or Tony Stark – destroying New York City, although he finally manages to be stopped and comes to his senses. After this, Korg has some more adventures on Earth, but soon he gets lost again in space. However, when Bruce Banner died during Civil War II, Korg is one of them and speaks at his funeral claiming that they were more than friends and that he had made him feel like the brother he had lost.

Korg’s personality

Korg is a warrior who values honor and honesty in combat. Being forced to kill her brother affects her so much that, when he comes along, he always does it like Margus’ fratricide. It shows that although he is a warrior he has feeling and is not ashamed to express them. It is also detached and struggles

Friends and Enemies of Korg

Korg’s best friend is the Hulk and the truth is that he is not known to many others. Other Caiera Oldstrong or Arch-E-5912 warriors can be found within the Hulk team. In fact, his death on Earth in suspicious circumstances leads him to investigate all over the planet, though without success. On the other hand, he feels indebted to Estela Plateada, since it was the Galactus herald who freed him and his troupe from Sakaar.

As for his enemies, he has no great enmity, although he faces the Avengers in full alongside the Hulk, although his star fight is against the Thing… that quickly surpasses him. As for villains, he was kidnapped by The Leader, but he managed to free himself and defeat him.

Korg in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

It is true that Korg may seem like a minor character in the grand scheme of the Marvel Universe and, in a way, he is. However, after his debut on Thor: Ragnarok has become a fan favourite and it is worth looking into why. After the success of Galaxy Guardians it should come as no surprise to anyone that Disney and Marvel have the ability to take on a totally unknown character and turn him into a star. Korg follows the pattern of Groot, Rocket or Gamora, only with one more twist because, although the character is made by computer, the interpretation is carried out by Taika Waititi herself, direct from the film. It’s no wonder the New Zealand director recruits himself into his films, as in What We Do in the Shadows, but in Thor Ragnarok he takes it to the extreme. Korg perfectly represents the spirit of a film that does not take itself seriously but tells very serious stories.

Thor Ragnarok is, without doubt, the best film starring the Nordic god played by Chris Hemsworth and it is largely due to the strong humorous seal given to him by Taika Waititi, who seems to explain this style to us through a Korg who always talks about his frustrated rebellion when he shouldn’t and almost always does not. In addition, Korg’s presence is also a nod to Hulk fans – Mark Ruffalo – who wanted to adapt a story like World War Hulk and in which Korg plays a crucial role against the green giant. Unfortunately, the future of the stone giant looks bad because, at the end of Thor Ragnarok, the ship of the Asgardians ends up in the hands of Thanos and who knows what might have happened there.

What powers does Korg have?

Korg is Kronan and, as such, has different physiological capacities – and as usual in aliens, superior – to that of human beings. It can lift up to 100 tons with ease, although the range of its strength is really unknown, while it can fight for a whole day without getting tired. On the other hand, his body is rock dense, so it’s quite difficult to hurt him. Finally, given the time he spent as a gladiator, he is an exceptional hand to hand fighter.

# InFewWords: A Korg conclusion

A warrior who is not made of stone

Korg is a supporting actor in the Marvel Universe, but it serves to reinforce the idea that heroes, warriors, do not always have to be unpolluted, brave and serious. They may make mistakes and be forced to do things they do not want to do, but they are still worthy, courageous or loyal. And, above all, they can have a feeling, even if they look like stone on the outside… literally.


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