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Katherine Pryde, the mutant capable of breaking through walls

Who is Katherine Pryde?

Katherine Pryde was born in Deerfield, Illinois and led a completely normal life until she was thirteen, when she began to develop very strong migraines. What the young woman and her family least expect is that these headaches are the first manifestations of Kitty’s powers, capable of altering her body to break through solid matter, among other things. Using Cerebro, Professor Xavier tracked her down and tried to recruit her, but the Hellfire Club abducted her and took her to his facility, along with other members of the X-Men who were accompanying her to the X-Men mansion. Far from being a hindrance, Kitty is instrumental in helping them escape and, as such, soon becomes a new member of the team.

Quien es Kitty Pryde

Along with them, he lives multiple adventures in the special configuration of his body and mind is fundamental. Not for nothing does her mind become the receptacle of a Kitty Pryde 30 years older who comes to alert the rest of X-Men to an apocalyptic future or is able to rescue Ylliana Rasputina when she is kidnapped by Belasco and taken to Limbo. However, it’s not all parties at mansion X and he even goes on to march with Wolverine to found his own school when he takes on Scott. So much so that, for a while, he devotes himself only to going to college and seems to be leaving his life as a superhero behind.

However, she is a special girl and the adventures haunt her… and she haunts them too. In fact, on one of the X-Men missions where a young Jean Grey is tried by the Shi’ar Empire for crimes she has not yet committed Kitty meets the Galaxy Guardians and begins a long-distance relationship with Starlord that ends in marriage and on the throne of Spartax, as well as fighting alongside the rest of the Guardians to the point of allying herself with Carol Danvers in her fight against Tony Stark in Civil War II.

Katherine Pryde’s personality

Kitty is always much tougher than she should be for her age, both in intelligence and in her ability to manage her emotions and those of others, without being prevented from enjoying her youth. Moreover, this makes him extremely brave because even though he knows perfectly well the risks to which he is exposed, he faces them without hesitation. Among other things, this is because she is extraordinarily affectionate and values her deep relationships with the rest of the X-Men so she doesn’t mind putting herself in danger to help them.


Friends and Enemies of Katherine Pryde

As we’ve seen, Kitty, though shy, is an open and loving girl. This makes her forge long-lasting relationships with Tormenta, whom she considers her older sister or Ylliana Rasputina, alias Magicka, her best friend and confidant. In fact, his brother, Colossus, will be his first but not only relationship, including those with Peter Quill or Bobby aka Iceman. On the other hand, she also knows and is known by other heroes such as Wolverine or Jean Grey.

As for his enemies, the Hellfire Club or the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants are recurrent in his life, like many of the X-Men. However, of all his enemies, he has the greatest animosity with Belasco, precisely because of his obsession with hurting his friend Yllliana.

Katherine Pryde in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

Kitty Pryde is not part of Marvel’s Kinematic Universe… for now, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t already appeared on the big screen. The character, who is one of the fans’ favorites in comic books, first appeared in the rightly reviled X-Men: The Final Decision in 2006, before actress Ellen Page made her leap to international fame for her role in Juno. Though dismal in the way he treats the Dark Phoenix and the subject of the cure, the truth is that Kitty’s presentation and her relationship with Bobby, Pícara and Colossus is one of the few facts that can redeem the film. So much so that, in 2014, Kitty, again played by Ellen Page, continues to be part of the team that, in a post-apocalyptic future, is trying to survive. In fact, the young woman ends up being crucial because they use their powers – which doesn’t make much sense, really – to transport the past into Logan’s mind and try to avoid the future in which they find themselves… and relaunch the franchise in the process.

Precisely in this relaunch initiated by X-Men: First Generation, Kitty Pryde has not yet appeared and the panorama for mutants is uncertain due to the acquisition of Disney from Fox that opens the door for them to become part of the Cinematic Universe of Marvel. In fact, it is almost certain that a film is being developed with Kitty Pryde as the main character, to which Ellen Page has shown interest in returning. We’ll see what happens.

What powers does Katherine Pryde have?

Kitty has the ability to pass through the space between the atoms that make up matter. In short, it can break through walls and other obstacles. Similarly, the attacks of his enemies pass through it without causing him any damage at the same time as he can walk on water or air. Finally, it should be noted that in this state of phase change that makes it intangible, Kitty is very resistant to all types of psychic attack.

# InFewWords: A conclusion about Katherine Pryde

Transparent but visible

Kitty Pryde is one of the best known characters on the X-Men pages for her personality, her interesting powers and the stories that revolve around her. Marvel has been able to reinvent it and Ellen Page’s choice to play it on the big screen is, once again, an enormous casting decision as it has become as iconic as its paper counterpart. Let’s hope her story doesn’t end here and we can see her soon…. who knows if with Starlord.