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Karl Mordo Marvel

Who’s Karl Mordo?

Karl Mordo is the son of Baron Nikolai Mordo of Transylvania, to whom the Queen of Gypsies taught the mystical arts to try to restore Transylvania to its former splendor and Sarah Krowler. This marriage is in fact part of the plan of Sarah’s father, the Viscount of Bavaria – all very noble – to take over Nikolai’s powers, which ends with Nikolai being killed by Sarah and Karl Mordo in Bavaria as a disciple of the Viscount. With a transfer spell that only works on those who share blood, as Karl’s powers grow, so do the Viscount’s powers. Therefore, Karl is educated and trained to seek and gain more power and when he turns eighteen he is sent to Tibet to seek the Ancient. He receives it and although he feels that the craving for power will corrupt him sooner or later, he prefers to have it close by to try to change it and keep it under control.

Very soon during his training, Mordo discovers the existence of the extradimensional Dormmamu demon through some ancient scrolls. Although the Ancient forbids him to continue investigating because of the danger of such an entity, Mordo ends up contacting him and becomes a more loyal disciple. So much so that, to free himself from his grandfather’s scheming, he travels to Bavaria and sacrifices him and his mother to the greater glory of Dormmamu. Although Mordo thought he had successfully bewitched the Ancient One so he wouldn’t find out about his scheming, he decides that the only way to control Mordo after he had allied himself with Dormammu is to train another sorcerer more powerful than himself: Stephen Strange.

Quien es Karl Mordo

Ever since Dr. Stranger arrives in Tibet, Mordo makes an enemy of him. Partly because he has a habit of unintentionally interfering with his plans and partly because he feels the potential he has. From that moment on, their destinies will be intertwined because whenever Dormammu tries to enter our dimension through Mordo there will be Stephen to try to avoid it and whenever Stephen drops his guard a little, there will be Mordo to try to end his life once and for all.

Karl Mordo’s personality

Mordo’s only goal is to become the most powerful being in the Universe and he will stop at nothing to achieve it and no method will be dangerous enough for him, humanity or the entire Universe not to try. He is also tremendously resentful and resentful towards those who repeatedly prove to be more powerful than him, such as Stephen, the Ancient or Wong. Although he is a disciple of Dormammu that doesn’t mean he is a mindless drone and uses him to get power the same way Dormammu uses him to try to invade the earth. Although he boasts of his power, he is not too brave and prefers to use tricks and traps to attack his enemies.

Personalidad Karl Mordo

Friends and enemies of Karl Mordo

The world is divided into two groups of people for Mordo. On the one hand there are those who are a step or an obstacle on their way to the top and on the other hand there are all the others who don’t give a damn and who are little more than ants on the bottom of their shoes. Therefore, it is normal to see Mordo acting alone and looking for artifacts and covenants with entities that give power to him and him alone. He was indeed forced to act as a team when he was recruited by the Collector to take on one of the Grand Master’s teams. In this battle, which was nothing more than a bet between beings of infinite power, he faced, together with Hulk Rojo, Tiburón Tigre and Terrax, the team made up of Namor, Doctor Extraño, Hulk and Silver Surfer. This shows that wherever Stephen goes, Mordo is forced by fate to pursue him, even when they are just pawns in a chess game.

Amigos y enemigos de Karl Mordo

Karl Mordo in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

Fortunately for fans, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is not just about Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Spider-Man, all of whom are well known to the general public and who are a guarantee of success. Relying on them, Disney and Marvel have decided to bet on more unknown -and strange- but fundamental franchises for fans like Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr. Marvel. Strange. Premiered in November 2016 and directed by an almost newcomer Scott Derrickson, the film Dr. Oddly enough, he displayed impressive visual effects, outstanding performances and a fairly acceptable story of origin, all the more so as telling the story of a surgeon who gets involved with a magician is not the most common thing in the world.

In addition to Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange and the ever-changing Tilda Swinton as La Antigua, the film also introduced us to Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo and, as it introduces many changes to the character in addition to making him African-American, the film also serves as a story of origin for the character. When we meet him, Mordo is one of La Antigua’s most successful students, a strong, wise, and strict follower of the natural rules of magic. In fact, for much of the film, he is Stephen’s coach and ally in his fight against Kaecillius and Dormammu. However, when he discovers that Antigua herself is drawing energy from the Dark Dimension – where Dormammu lives – to keep herself alive or that Stepehen intends to use the Eye of Agatomo to manipulate time to save the world, he decides that the only way to avoid violating the natural laws he considers sacred is to eliminate all the magicians. The film serves, therefore, to introduce Dr. Strange but also his most intimate enemy who will pursue him in future films.

What powers does Karl Mordo have?

As much as I may be defeated over and over again by Dr. Strange, Mordo is one of the most powerful sorcerers in this dimension. Its powers emanate from its own studies and capacities to utilize the reserve of inert energy of this dimension, from its pacts with extradimensional beings that yield part of its power to it and to which it can invoke at will and from the use of ancient artifacts of immense power. This allows you to control others, levitate, release powerful waves of energy, protect yourself and recover quickly from your injuries and age much more slowly.

#InFewWords: A conclusion about Karl Mordo

Two men with the same destiny

Hulk and The Leader, Captain America and Red Skull, Iron Fist and Steel Serpent or Charles Xavier and Magneto are examples of a recurring theme in the Marvel Universe. Very similar characters who become arch-enemies because they are recruited by the wrong government, disagree on a basic principle or because only one of them can succeed in training and the other resents them. Mordo and Stephen are very similar in their ambitions but Dr. Stranger can afford that because he does it for others. I bite not and that is why they are condemned to face each other forever as intimate enemies.