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Jane Foster, the nurse who holds Thor’s hammer


Who is Jane Foster?

Although Jane’s mother died of cancer when she was just 6 years old, her humble father sacrificed his entire life to give her an outstanding childhood and education, always loving and caring for her. This meant that, after her near exhaustion death, Jane took her career as a nurse first and then as a scientist very seriously. Precisely as a nurse in Dr. Donald Blake’s practice she begins her journey in the Marvel universe because the doctor is, in reality, the human identity of a Thor who has been banished to Earth by his father, Odin.

QUien es jane Foster

During a humanitarian mission abroad, Donald falls in love with Jane and she falls in love with him, although she does not know his secret identity. Loki, taking advantage of his brother’s weak situation, sets him up and forces him to choose between saving Jane or getting his Hammer back, and Thor decides to save his beloved by building his love. However, the truth is that his relationship is rejected by Odin, who also forces him to choose between a mere mortal and his place in Asgard and, although he gives in at first, he eventually rebels against his father. Even so, when Odin reveals her identity to her and after Odin plays with her in the purest Loki style, Jane decides to stay away from Thor and, although they keep in touch, their relationship is never the same.

Of course, the story doesn’t end there for Jane who, later on and after working for the Great Evolutioner or being merged with Lady Sif, among other things, becomes the protagonist of her own story. After being diagnosed with life-threatening breast cancer, Thor becomes unworthy of using Mjolnir, which is anchored on the Moon, and Jane, who had accepted the invitation to attend the Congress of Worlds on behalf of Midgard, picks it up and manages to raise it up, gaining all the powers of a Thunder God now unable to defend her people. A Thor who, although it is difficult for him and without knowing that it is Jane who wields the hammer, ends up accepting that the hammer has a new owner and even gives him the name of Thor. However, the hammer’s powers not only do not kill the cancer – they suppress it – they purge the chemotherapy, so it advances further every time it returns to its human form. Finally, and knowing that if she becomes Thor again she will die, Jane sacrifices herself to save the new city of Asgardia, which was about to be swallowed up by the sun.

Jane Foster’s personality

Jane is an independent woman with a great determination, something that sometimes makes her stubborn and stubborn, but most of the time she assumes that she is capable of overcoming the obstacles she faces. Being independent does not prevent her from forming close bonds of friendship and love with Thor Odinson, but they feed them even more because nothing can come between her and her own… and when Mjolnir wields, even less so. Finally, it should be noted that within her, that passion that gives her a strong personality coexists with the rationality and coldness of a committed scientist.

Personalidad de jane Foster

Friends and Enemies of Jane Foster

In addition to his turbulent relationship with Thor Odinson, he is no longer known as a couple, but he has worked alongside other heroes of Nordic mythology such as the Three Warriors and Lady Sif, while on earth he has worked for Tony Stark. Like Thor, the only hero who knows his identity is Sam Wilson, who swears to keep it a secret.

As for her rivals, her association with the Asgardian plane and her relationship with Thor has put her in the crosshairs of Loki, Encantadora and Malekith, among others. On the other hand, he has also faced Kang the Conqueror and was present in the Civil War, but, with powers, he has only faced beings from the Nordic mythology.

Jane Foster in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

Jane Foster is part of the Marvel Kinematic Universe, but for various reasons her potential has not been fully realized. Jane debuted in 2011 in Thor, the Shakespearean film directed by Kenneth Brannagh, which was the first stumbling block on the way to the Avengers because it was not received with the same audience and critical success as Iron Man. Played by Natalie Portman, Jane is, on this occasion, a scientist obsessed with what turns out to be the Bifrost, the bridge between Asgard and Earth and her research leads her to meet a Thor who has been banished by his father. Chico meets a girl and soon they start a relationship, although in The Avengers it is clear that they don’t have much chemistry either because Thor returns to Earth… and doesn’t call her! Actually, this is because Natalie Portman was not too satisfied with her role and did not want to renew her contract with Marvel. Even so, in Thor, the Dark World, Jane acquires more prominence, being possessed by the Aether, which later turns out to be one of the gems of infinity… but the film is considered the worst of all Marvel’s Kinematic Universe.

So, in view of the constant problems the actress was having and the need to somehow reset Thor’s saga before Avengers: War of Infinity, Marvel has become detached from the character of Jane Foster. This makes it highly unlikely that we will see Mjolnir lift her up on the big screen, being right now the most likely candidates to pick up the witness Valkyria -Tessa Thompson-… or the Black Widow -Scarlett Johansson-. It is a pity that, for reasons other than the story itself, Jane Foster has not been a shadow of what she is in comics, but it is understandable that not everything fits in the UCM and that sacrifices must be made. Having said that, if they maintain that it is a woman who picks up the Hammer presumably after the War of Infinity it is a good solution faithful to comic books that, it must be said, are sometimes too convoluted.

What powers does Jane Foster have?

Jane is an ordinary human being who hasn’t even been trained in combat. However, by wielding Mjolnir and having seen Thor do so on many occasions, the hammer’s powers and his own willpower give him abilities, strength and endurance at the height of the Thunder God himself. This translates into a force capable of lifting more than 100 tons and invulnerability to almost any attack, as well as a great regeneration factor.

# InFewWords: A conclusion about Jane Foster

Human goddess

Unlike Thor Odinson, who has been an Asgardian since birth, Jane is well aware of the limitations of a human body, even more so as a nurse. Their sacrifice is an example of the kind of characters that Marvel creates and it is really appreciated that they have taken a somewhat passive character and updated it to the new times, giving it to Mjolnir. Hopefully, even if it’s not Jane, a woman can pick it up on the big screen.