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Hank Pym, the scientist who became the first Ant-Man

Who’s Ant-Man?

Hank Pym is a brilliant biochemist born in Nebraska. The death of his first wife, Maria Trovaya, by the Hungarian secret police makes him a champion of justice. Therefore, when he discovers a series of subatomic particles -which will become known as Pym particles- that allow him to reduce the size of people and objects, he decides to use them to put an end to the injustices of this world. Moreover, the first time he uses the reduced serum, he falls into an anthill and after getting out and taking the second serum back to its normal size, he decides to investigate how he communicates with the ants and create a device to control them. This device, along with his suit and serums, is the essence of the superhero known as Ant-Man, The Ant-Man.

His companion in fatigue and later his wife is Janet Van Dyne, for whom he builds a suit similar to his own but which also has biochemically constructed wings that allow him to live up to his name: Wasp. During the period when they are married Hank continues to experiment with his serums and discovers how, instead of becoming tiny, he can become a giant under the original nothingness of Giant-Man although this does not last long because the Pym particles begin to have unwanted effects on his body. However, Han’s story is plagued by depression and guilt over the accidental creation of Ultron, the most dangerous Artificial Intelligence ever created that puts the heroes of the Marvel Universe in check on countless occasions. The guilt, the stress of being a hero – long involved in The Avengers – and the feeling of not having made any scientific progress cause Hank to start having psychotic breakouts and nervous breakdowns that even lead him to mistreat Janet. Faced with this self-destructive spiral and not accepting help from anyone, The Avengers expel him from the team and Janet divorces him.

Despite her attempts to redeem herself, for example by rescuing Janet when she becomes trapped in the Microverse or helping the Illuminati during collisions with Earths of other dimensions, she never fully recovers. His story has an even more tragic final twist as he ends up fusing against his will with Ultron himself and becomes the bloodthirsty machine he regrets having built and, together with her or, rather, being her, is dedicated to instigating the self-destruction of humanity.

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Ant-Man’s personality

Hank has a complicated personality, full of complexes and insecurities. His entry into the superheroic community means that he is constantly comparing himself to others and feeling inferior to all others in strength or intelligence. Besides, he doesn’t dare to ask Jane to marry him because he thinks he is not worthy and the emotional discomfort is so strong that it creates a second personality, the Yellow Jacket, which is brave enough to ask her to marry him but also ruthless and violent. The guilt of building Ultron, becoming a Yellow Jacket and not feeling level makes Hank a sad, depressed person who pushes others away and plunges into negative thoughts and attitudes for him.

Friends and enemies of Ant-Man

Hank has been part of the Avengers with heroes of the stature of Iron Man, Captain America, Vision or the Maximoff brothers. His enormous intellect also makes him have a special relationship with Reed Richards with whom he shares science and the ins and outs of marriage. Although they end up divorced, Hank manages to maintain the relationship with Janet over time and they continue to import each other. Together with them he has faced Kang, Onslaught and Norman Osborn, but also his most recurrent enemy, Ultron. Now that he is Ultron the only friends he has are his own cybernetic replicas and his enemies all mankind.

Ant-Man in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

With more than $12 billion raised worldwide from all the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s no exaggeration to say that fans will go to the movies to see almost any movie that Disney puts in their face with the Marvel label and you can’t say they haven’t earned it. The films are consistent in style and quality and have brought the franchise model to the cinema like no one else before, because if you go to the cinema to see a film from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, the viewer is sure of what they are going to find… even if the film is about an ant man. First released in 2015, it was originally to be directed by Edgar Wright but conflicts with Disney’s board of directors led Peyton Reed to take over a film that was based on a complicated premise – to make Ant-Man interesting and accessible to the public – but was a resounding success.

Although the film stars Scott-Lang, played by comedian Paul Rudd, and the thief wearing Ant-Man’s costume, Hank Pym plays a key role – although he can no longer wear the costume because of the radiation it emits – and is played by an actor from head to toe like Michel Douglas. Hank mentors both Scott and his daughter Hope van Dyne -Evangeline Lilly- whom he wants to protect for the pain already caused by her mother’s disappearance from the Microverse. However, and really impressive is the talent that Marvel brings together in his films, in Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) we will not only see Hope put on the costume that appears in the post-credit scene but we will also see Janet Van Dyne played by Michel Pfeiffer. We’ll see how Hank reacts to meeting his wife so many years later.

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What powers does Ant-Man have?

Hank Pym is one of the five most powerful minds on earth and the greatest expert in biochemistry. The Pym Particle-based sera allow Hank to reduce its size to that of an ant by about 1.5 cm, but still maintain its strength which effectively makes it much more resistant and powerful than an ordinary human. In addition, you can reduce its size to such an extent that you can access the microverse and also increase it to 30 meters or more, although for short periods of time. When it merges with Ultron it becomes a Cyborg, gaining all the powers of an Iron Man style armor.

# InFewWords: An Ant-Man conclusion

Rise and fall

Many superheroes make it seem easy to be heroes but, really, it’s not that easy and many of them have personal problems like Tony Stark with alcohol or Scarlet Witch either because of the nature of their powers or because of the responsibility of the position they hold. Some overcome them and some don’t, and unfortunately for him, Hank Pym isn’t strong enough to stay sane by being a hero. It is a tragic story and humanizes one of the oldest and most charismatic characters in the Marvel Universe. However, having made it his most hated creation, the new Ultron, borders on cruelty but shows that many of the endings of the Marvel Universe are not happy endings.

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