Guardians 3000

guardians 3000


Also known as the Guardians of the Galaxy (the originals from the 70s), or the Avengers of the 30th Century, the Guardians 3000 are a group of superheroes, aliens and robot aliens, that defend Earth – and her outer colonies – in the distant future. They answer the question of who will defend Earth when the Earth is no longer as we know her now. In the XXXI Century and after a millennium in which the Earth has been invaded by extra-terrestrials, divided into tyrannical techno-cities and new city-states and with a golden age towards the end of the millennium, the solar system is colonised by the Badoon Empire, which practically exterminates the population of the outer colonies and takes control of planet Earth. It is in one of the Badoons’ galactic prisons that Vance Astro and Yondu (who had already met previously in Alfa Centauri IV) meet the resistance fighters Charlie-27 and Martinex.

Together they manage to escape from the prison and decide to fully take on the Badoon invasion, and, in this battle, they recruit the help of Starhawk. However, once the Badoons have been defeated and the Earth has been liberated, they decide to continue exploring the universe. In these journeys, they meet Krugarr and the planet controlled by Mainframe, and they embark upon a very special mission, to find a relic of humanity’s past: Captain America’s shield. When they find it, Vance Astro becomes the definitive leader of the team under the name Major Victory.


The main members of the Guardians 3000 are:

  • The human pilot, genetically modified to survive the gravity of Jupiter, Charlie-27. An authentic hunk with physical resistance and strength increased to become a sort of military Juggernaut.
  • The last human born on Pluto, Martinex. Like other Plutonians, his body is covered in crystals to withstand the temperatures of his planet and he can survive in the galactic vacuum.
  • The servers of the Hawk God, Stakar and Aleta, who together make up Starhawk, a being of huge power capable of time travel.
  • The exile from Alfa Centauri Yondu Udonta, a highly skilled archer.
  • The alien Krugarr, apprentice of Dr. Strange. From the hyperintelligent and dragon-like race the Lem, he becomes the new Supreme Sorcerer when his teacher becomes the Ancient One.
  • Mainframe, the operating system capable of controlling whole planets.
  • The XX Century astronaut Vance Astro, also known as Major Victory. With his psychic powers, and after finding the shield of Steve Rogers, he becomes the Captain America of the XXXI century.

Others including Nikki, Firelord and Geena Drake also make up part of the team at some point, but they are not as important, nor as interesting, as those mentioned above.


Friends and Enemies

The enemies of humanity are the enemies of the Guardians 3000. Bearing in mind that the solar system was invaded by the Badoon Empire in the XXI century, it can be said for sure that the majority of their battles have been with this alien race. To this end they seek help from heroes like Captain America and The Thing, who they get to travel in time to fight alongside them. Through these journeys in time they meet one of their most recurring enemies, Krovac, who is trying to kill Vance Astro before he starts his journey. This means that the Guardians have to travel back in time and coexist for some time with the Avengers, gaining the status of honorary members.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The director of Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2, James Gunn, loves introducing little clues or references or Easter eggs in his films. In fact, 3 years on he maintains that there are still mysteries to be resolved from the first film, and so the second film couldn’t have these games. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has five post credits scenes, the most of any Marvel film, and in one of them we can see the original Guardians reunited again. Although they are not in a distant future and they’ve been brought into the story as looters, and Stakar and Aleta are separate people, there’s no doubt that it’s them. Stakar is Sylvester Stallone, and he appears most in the film, seeing as he is the former mentor of Yondu. Aleta is played by Michelle Yeoh, Charlie-27 by the Pulp Fiction veteran Ving Rhames and Martinex by Lex Luthor from Smallville. The voices of Michael Rosenbaum and Mainframe are played by the multifaceted Miley Cyrus while Krugarr is totally computer generated.

Too much work – and potential in the actors – has gone into this scene of barely 15 seconds for them to not appear in the future, and James Gunn has expressed his wish for them to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, in other films or in their own thing. There’s a surplus of material and enthusiasm from Marvel Universe fans will not be lacking. Now it only remains for Disney to feel like continuing printing money and harvesting success after success as it has done up until now.


They are one of the most powerful teams of the Marvel Universe, but as they’ve been somewhat forgotten away in the future – and in the past, seeing as this is a publication from the 70s – they haven’t had many opportunities to show their power. Even so, it’s worth bearing in mind that among its members is the new Dr. Strange, Krugarr, and an even more advanced version of Vision, Mainframe. And nor should we dismiss their leader, Major Victory, who brings together kindness and Captain America’s ideals with great telekinetic powers, nor Starhawk. Thanks to all the above, it would be more than interesting to see this team face more traditional enemies such as Thanos and Galactus.

Power Radar
  • 10/10
    Intelligence - 10/10
  • 9.5/10
    Strength - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Resistance - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Skill - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Long range attack - 10/10



They are not an army, but they are capable of threatening a whole empire. Guerrilla warfare has been a very valid military strategy used on many occasions throughout the history of humanity, and they are the guerrillas of the XXXI century. They may be the most diverse group in the Marvel Universe, seeing as they aren’t united by race nor the origin of their powers and neither do some of them have much of a relationship with humanity, but despite this they are the last line of defence for an already-defeated humanity.