Galactus, the planet eater

Who is Galactus?

Galactus was originally a humanoid inhabitant of the planet Taha, one of the last civilizations to be consumed before the end of the universe immediately preceding our own, called Galan. When, on a final journey, what was left of his people made their way to the center of the universe, where all matter was concentrating to initiate a new one, he was possessed by the universe itself and became the cosmic entity known as Galactus in the new seventh universe, which is the one inhabited by most of the characters of the Marvel Universe (Earth 616). Extremely complicated and convoluted, but that’s the way comic books are. Although initially weakened by its metamorphosis process, the Watchers, who were the first to detect it, already predicted that it would become an uncontrollable force in the universe and that it would need to devour planets to satisfy its energy needs.

Galactus did not want to disappoint the guardians and after building an armor that would control their cosmic energy – taking into account its size similar to that of the Moon – and sleep for several thousand years in a ship the size of a small planet, awake and in the face of the urgent need to devour a planet, he finished off the inhabitants of Archeopia. After a new ship was built that he called Taa II and that is the size of a complete solar system, he decided to devour only planets that were not inhabited by intelligent species, but, over the centuries, as his hunger increased, he could not fulfill them. That’s how he meets Norrin Radd, who offers to find him more planets in exchange for not devouring his own – Zenn-La – and turning him into a Silver Stela to be his herald. One of the planets he discovers is the Earth, but the Fantastic Four manage to reject it with the help of a Silver Stele that sees too many similarities with its own planet to allow its destruction. Yet Galactus continues on his path of destruction because it is his only way of surviving, going out of his way only when something threatens the very existence of the universe and, therefore, his own.

The personality of Galactus

Galactus is not an evil being, in fact, he is more of a force of nature inherent in the universe itself. It is considered to be above mere mortals and therefore not wrong to kill them if they need to feed themselves as they are only maintaining cosmic equilibrium. When he is weaker and hungrier he is able to express feelings, but he usually remains hieratic. As a curiosity, he speaks of himself in the third person.

Friends and Enemies of Galactus

Galactus uses mortal beings to whom he ascends and bestows cosmic powers as his heralds, explorers who seek out developed and energetic worlds so that he can feed. The best known, La Destructora and Estela Plateada, although the latter turns against them.

In fact, there are far more enemies of Galactus than his allies. Other cosmic entities have tried to end it in their attempts to conquer the Universe. Among them are Annihilus, Thanos or the Elders of the Universe. In addition, many of the planets he tries to devour have defenders like Captain Mar Vell, who defended the capital of the Kree Empire, or The Fantastic Four, who he has faced too many times for someone accustomed to exterminating everything that gets in his way.

Finally free…. to be the next big threat?

The fact that Marvel sold the film rights to some of his most important intellectual properties to avoid bankruptcy in the late 1990s has been a drama now that Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has been one of the greatest artistic and economic successes in the history of cinema. Thus, while The Avengers were sweeping, other properties such as the X-Men or Spider-Man were not of the quality that the now Disney-controlled company was developing and, above all, were not connected to the other superheroes. The most bloody case, without a doubt, is that of the Fantastic Four, which, as I have already mentioned on other occasions, was in the hands of a Fox who gave birth to two mediocre films in the mid-2000s and a frankly horrible film in 2015.

In fact, one of the elements that most disconnected the fans and sunk the franchise attempt of the franchise was the horrible use of Galactus in The Fantastic Four and Silver Estela. One of the greatest threats to the universe, which is also characterized by its giant humanoid shape and intellect, was reduced to a huge galactic cloud and a ball of fire that vaguely reflected its shape and only towards the end of the film, without even uttering a word. Not to mention that, at the end of the film, Estela Plateada sacrifices herself and kills Galactus, a being several orders of magnitude more powerful than her her herald and inherently immortal. Anyway, a real disaster. Luckily, Disney’s purchase of Fox returns The Fantastic Four to the Marvel Universe and with them Galactus also returns home, who knows whether to be the great enemy that the new heroes will face in the future, as is now the case with Thanos.

What powers does Galactus have?

Galactus’ powers are more like those of a deity than those of superheroes. He is the oldest being in the universe and his mind and knowledge are far beyond the reach and understanding of, for example, Reed Richards. It can travel at higher speeds than light and change its shape and mass so that it can fight even a living sun. His only weakness is his dependence on the energy he devours, which makes him vulnerable when he is hungry.
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# InFewWords: A conclusion – Galactus

The devourer of worlds

The Marvel Universe is endless and expands across an infinite number of genres and characters. Galactus is one of the first cosmic entities to appear in its pages and represents the balance of the Universe and the existence of forces and powers that put the tiny importance of the Earth into perspective. Hopefully we can see you at your best on the big screen because Galactus, and The Fantastic Four, deserve it as one of the oldest and most beloved franchises in the Marvel Universe.

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