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Domino: A mutant with luck on her side

Who’s Domino?

Neena Thurman, alias Domino for the facial tattoo that characterizes her, is, like many other mutants, the product of a secret experiment of the United States Army. Like many other mutants, the aim of this project was also to create the perfect weapon, this time through a selective process of reproduction, although the results are not as expected.

To begin with, Neena is the sole survivor of the program and her powers to manipulate the odds around her, that is, to basically have good luck, are not what is expected of a project that seeks a perfect soldier. So in order not to be “eliminated” as a failure, she escapes and becomes a mercenary on her own, working for the NSA and AIM, among other organizations.

Domino becomes part of the Herd, the team of six mutants commanded by Cable and Stryfe and hired by arms dealer Mr. Tolliver. Their relationship with Cable soon becomes loving and will be maintained to a greater or lesser extent throughout their convoluted histories.

After Stryfe’s betrayal and dissolution of the team, Domino is kidnapped by Mr. Tolliver and replaced by Copycat to spy on Cable. However, the ruse is soon discovered and Cable and Deadpool end the trafficker and release Domino, who becomes part of X-Force. However, their independent nature means that they leave the group on more than one occasion, although they never cease to be connected to them because of their relationship with Cable. Among other things, he was part of Professor Xavier’s X-Corp, which was responsible for protecting mutants from violations of their rights and helped free the 198 mutants who still retain their powers during the Civil War.

Domino’s personality

Domino is a tough aunt where there are some and dangerous as few others, something she is in charge of showing at all times and with every movement. In addition, he loves adventure and since his powers require that he be at risk to act, he never avoids a dangerous situation. However, when she has people in her charge she tends to be more protective and, although stubborn, has a positive influence on them. Finally, she is often distrustful and distant with people, except Cable and a few sporadic lovers, with whom she dares to look tender and sensitive.

Friends and enemies of Domino

As she is distrustful by nature, because of her internment in the government program that creates her and because of Stryfe’s betrayal, among other things, Domino doesn’t have many friends, beyond male figures like Cable, Wolverine or Deadpool with whom she shares a team… and sometimes something else. She has shared equipment with Anaconda, Grizzly or the Gorilla Man, mutants not too well known and, although it is difficult to classify her as a heroine because her companies take to save the world in a somewhat sui generis way, her tendency is always to protect the mutants. In fact, their enemies are all those who attack them, from Sentinels to S.H.I.E.L.D. no matter what the reason or where the threat comes from.

Domino in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

Domino will be one of the main attractions of Deadpool 2 in 2018, the sequel to the successful film released in 2016 and starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. After being, at the time, the most box-office box-office film in history, Deadpool returns with the inclusion of Josh Brolin – known in the Marvel world for being Thanos – as Cable and Zazie Beetz as Domino. Both are regular characters from the Deadpool pages and join Morena Baccarin as a Vanessa who can become Copycat in this film and the mutant Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who already appeared in the first film.

Not much is known about the film, beyond the fact that Cable’s appearance may include time travel as well as linking Deadpool to the wider X-Men universe in general, the truth is that it raises the possibility of many more films with Deadpool as the main character in the X-Force framework, the team led by him and Cable and of which Domino is also a part. Be that as it may, Domino’s presence will be essential to give a female counterpart to Deadpool’s madness and we will also see if his particular relationship with a not too sane Cable is explored either.

What powers does Domino have?

Domino’s powers are some of the most original in the Marvel Universe. Neena has the ability to make things unlikely, but not impossible, happen around her and in her favor. He has good luck, so to speak, but luck has to be sought, because he has to act to make it happen. This way, if he tries to dodge a bullet, he’ll move superhuman and dodge them, but if he doesn’t try, the bullets won’t dodge him. For this reason, Domino usually puts himself in situations of risk and performs extremely dangerous actions because he knows that when he tries to do so, he is assured that he will come out unscathed.

#InFewWords: A conclusion from Domino

Controlled madness

Domino is a very particular character in a Marvel Universe that, in spite of its extension or precisely because of it, does not cease to surprise. His original powers make his actions, which would be utter madness to anyone, the best way to overcome his enemies. And, with luck on her side, you have to be a lot stronger than her to defeat her, because nothing that is possible, however difficult and improbable it may seem, is beyond Domino’s reach.