Deadpool: The Big Mouth Mercenary

Who’s Deadpool?

Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool, is one of the most original and rocky characters in the entire Marvel Universe. Although he is Canadian, he enlists very young in the U.S. Army, but he is eventually fired for not wanting to compromise his values with missions that are, to say the least, gray. However, he is recruited by the CIA at the age of 19 to join a death squad that, in principle, only kills those who deserve it.

With this team, he travels the world on various missions and ends up settling down with Vanessa Carlysle, a prostitute, in his own way. Vanessa, who will later become the mutant Copycat, shares Wade’s aspiration to improve their lives. But of course, Marvel is Marvel, and he has Wade diagnosed with 27 tumors and one terminal cancer, which leads him to leave his relationship with Vanessa so that she doesn’t suffer.

It is at this point that the Weapon X Program appears in your life as the only chance of survival. Wade is injected, so to speak, with Wolverine’s regeneration factor – which had also been through the program to receive his Adamantium skeleton – allowing him to control the cancer that corrodes him.

Despite this, the experiment does not fully take shape and Wade is discarded and taken to the Hospice, a terrifying place where those rejected by Gun X are tortured by Dr. Killebrew and his henchman Ajax. In this dying state, Wade enters into a strange relationship with Death, and when Ajax takes his heart out of him, it is this relationship that tears out his regeneration factor and allows him to finish off Ajax – apparently – and free his Hospice companions.

Deadpool is then armed with a regeneration factor that makes him almost immortal, a face full of scars and brain tumors that affect his personality more than he dares to recognize. He thus becomes a soldier of fortune who, unfortunately, has to save the world on more than one occasion and who is omnipresent in many of the stories of the Marvel Universe.

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Personality of Deadpool

Beyond his very tailored red suit and his twin Katanas, Deadpool’s most characteristic feature is his personality. Immature, foul-mouthed, strident and having trouble controlling his impulses, he speaks without thinking, constantly trying to be the funniest, most cynical and cheeky of all the characters in the Marvel Universe. He wants to avoid boredom at all costs, so it is aimed at a bombing and is usually easy to convince. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and will always prefer to shoot his way in than sneakily.

What stands out most, however, are his comments that break the fourth wall, that is to say, that they are addressed to readers or viewers and that leave his fellow comic strips patidifusos.

It goes without saying that on one occasion Deadpool realized that he was a comic book character and decided to kill the great writers of history – Cervantes, Shakespeare, etc. – so that they would never write their works and thus there would be no literature and, therefore, no comic books. A real madness, yes, but this is what Deadpool is used to.

Friends and enemies of Deadpool

As he rarely stands still too long and is absolutely grilled, Deadpool knows many people (but, really, he cares little). His closest friends are usually strange and grotesque like him. They are Weasel, his arms supplier, and blind Al, a septuagenarian who once had to kill, but now shares a flat with her.

Obviously, and despite their many skirmishes, they have a place in their hearts for their two most stable relationships: Copycat and Syrin. And his relationship with Cable… well, it’s almost as complicated as that of a serious, old-fashioned father and his rebellious teenage son.

As for enemies… In a parallel dimension, not on Earth 616, Deadpool killed the entire Marvel Universe. All the heroes. One by one – or by threading them in pairs. Also well known is his confrontation with Thanos for competing for the love and attention of Death itself. All very morbid, yes.

Deadpool in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

The story of the worst comic book adaptations to cinema has a place reserved for poor Ryan Reynolds. The first appearance of the Canadian actor as Deadpool was in the film Wolverine: Origins as a companion first and enemy later. The truth is that many fans would have preferred Wade Wilson not to have appeared in the film because they made a real mess of the character. He was made a villain, throwing lightning bolts through his eyes – laser lightning?but, worst of all, they sealed his mouth! The Mercenario Bocazas, as he is known halfway around the world, famous for his funny comments made him mute. What the hell would they be thinking.

Far from ending the story there, Ryan Reynolds starred shortly after Green Lantern, one of DC’s most emblematic characters…. which ended up being one of the films that was rated the lowest by audiences and critics alike.

Fortunately, fate and his own perseverance had reserved a second chance for Ryan and Deadpool. They pretended that Wolverine: Origins had never happened – hopefully…- and they leaked a test video of the film that set fire to the networks of hype emotion. Thus, Deadpool released its own film in February 2016. For those over 18, faithful to the character’s personality and to the ultra-violence and target content that crosses the screen and is addressed to the spectator himself.

It was a personal and risky bet and you have to respect a production company like Fox for daring to launch it. Fortunately for all lovers of Deadpool, the film was a complete success, which has opened the door for other films such as Logan to opt for this more mature and faithful path to comics.

In March 2018, Deadpool 2 will be released, with Ryan again as Wade Wilson, the return of Morena Baccarin as Vanessa and the long-awaited inclusion of Josh Brolin – yes, the same one who will play Thanos – as Cable (Cyclops’ son with and a clone of Jean Grey, who also happens to be a time traveler). Also planned is an X-Force film, the team recruited by Cable and Deadpool, so it looks like Deadpool is here to stay.

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What powers does Deadpool have?

Deadpool’s powers are the result of the genetic experimentation of Program X. Its healing factor, extracted directly from Wolverine’s genes, is able to stop tumors that constantly form in her body, but also any type of wound. In fact, it is capable of regenerating organs or limbs – or directly all by itself from hardly any genetic material. Not only that, but his military training and complete disregard for his life and that of his enemies make his double katanas one of the most dangerous weapons in the Marvel Universe. His sense of humor may be painful, yes, but no one is known to have died for him… for now.

#InFewFewWords: A Deadpool conclusion

Deadpool is unique – even if it is not clear whether Deathstroke, from DC, copies it to him or vice versa – and over the years the various cartoonists and scriptwriters who have taken over the character have made it even bigger and taken advantage of its madness to talk about shapes and tell stories that are unusual in the Marvel Universe.

It’s good to see how Deadpool is in vogue and it’s not just safe betting – Captain America, Spider-Man… – that can succeed on a billboard that’s already a little overbooked. We will continue to hear him talk about his chimichangas and make kebabs with his katanas for a long time… Fortunately?

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