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Daredevil (Matt Murdock)


Mathew “Matt” Murdock, alias Daredevil was born in working class (and real) neighbourhood of Hell’s Kitchen in New York and was brought up by a single father, the boxer Jonathan “Battling Jack” Murdock, who told him that his mother died in childbirth, even though , as Matt would discover many years later she abandoned them to become a nun. By stopping an old man from being run over by a truck, the young Matt was exposed to the chemicals which it was transporting, which would cause his iconic blindness and at the same time give him his superpowers.

He gets his principles and his great sense of justice from his father – who did not die in vain when he was killed for refusing to rig a fight organised by Roscoe Sweeny, as well as his selflessness, Jonathan did not want his son to be a “boy with no education” like he was himself, this helped him to become one of the best trial lawyers in the USA and , unofficially of course, an expert on superhuman matters, just like She-Hulk.


Just like the ideal image of justice, Daredevil is blind, but this does not stop him from seeing, or feeling the truth and innocence in people’s hearts, or from fighting to the end for apparently lost causes if his conscience tells him this is right and above all to bring justice when the system is broken or corrupt. It is this conscience and his profound catholic background – you often see him seeking advice from a priest – which often gets him immersed in profound tribulations on the nature of good and evil, the use of violence or remorse and guilt, preferring not to kill his enemies, although he has more than once been known to lose control.

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Friends and Enemies

As a lawyer, Matt Murdock forms an endearing partnership with Foggy Nelson with whom he shares his firm – who often work pro bono to the despair of poor Foggy –  Nelson & Murdock. In addition, his concern for the state of decline in his neighbourhood, Hell’s Kitchen, often causes him to join forces with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Danny Rand – forming The Defenders – or with Spider–Man, amongst others. They face gangsters such as Kingpin together.

It is also true that Daredevil is extremely guarded with his secret identity to protect those around him, so much so that on occasions he has to live a double life, as evidenced by his complicated relationship with Karen Page. Another of his most notable partnerships – and they include the Black Widow herself – is Elektra who, along with  Stick who is also blind and trained Daredevil in multiple martial arts – and Iron Fist, is his main supporter in the fight against the order of ninjas, The Hand

Marvel Cinematic Universe

After the poor performance of the Daredevil film of 2003 staring Ben Affleck, the Marvel character got a new lease on life in 2015 through a different media, la televisión. This did justice to the complexity of the character, giving much more time for him to evolve and become relatable for the audience. If we add to this the success of the Netflix production, which took the dark and mature approach required by the character and the absolutely brilliant performances of Charlie Cox as Daredevil, Vincent, D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk, Elodie Young as Elektra and John Berntahl as Frank Castle, then we are confronted with not just one of the best pieces of work in the MCU, but one of the best television series of the last decade.

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The superhuman sensory powers which he has from being exposed to chemicals not only combats his blindness but also gives him access to a different, augmented reality. 

As Matt describes it, he sees “the world on fire”, thanks to his improved sense of touch which allows him to read something just by passing his hand over it as well as an extraordinary sense of hearing which means that he can tell if someone is lying by sensing the change in their heartbeat and that he can hear the conversations of the whole block.

 In fact, Daredevil has developed what is known in some animals as echolocation which, similar to sonar allows him to know where his enemies are thanks to sound. Furthermore, we have to remember that his constant training with Stick takes Daredevil to the limit of human physiology in terms of strength as well as agility.

Radar de poder Daredevil

  • 7.5/10
    Intelligence - 7.5/10
  • 7/10
    Strength - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Endurance - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Dexterity - 8/10
  • 2/10
    Attacking from Distance - 2/10


The Devil’s Advocate

Whatever the mess you have gotten yourself into and, especially if you are about to be put away for a crime you did not commit, you should always keep Daredevil’s and Nelson & Murdock’s phone number on speed dial. Daredevil is the Left Hand of God, the divine punishment which puts the sinner back onto the path towards righteousness with punches and blows from a cane. Although he may be at a disadvantage when faced with an enemy such as Galactus, for example, he is never lacking in the courage needed to clean the mafioso or ninjas off the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. There is a reason that they call him “The man without fear”.

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