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Colossus, the Russian giant of organic steel

Who’s Colossus?

Piotr Nikolayevitch Rasputin was born on a farm in Rural Soviet Russia, and grew up with his brother cosmonaut Mkhail Rasputin and his younger sister Illyanna Rasputin, who later became a member of the New Mutant Magik. Piotr was a simple young man who devoted most of his time to painting, which he was also very good at. But when his powers manifest themselves at the age of 13, he is called by Professor Xavier to be part of his X-Men under the proper name of Colossus and training in the Danger Room.

As a member of the team, Colossus acts as a moral compass in the multitude of combats in which he takes part, trying to ensure that the team’s end never justifies the means. However, this does not prevent him from ending up doing acts that he questions himself, such as trying to kill the villain Proteus, even if it is to save the life of Moira McTaggert or breaking Riptide’s neck, horrified by the lack of compassion of some marauders who were committing genocide against the Morlocks.

Such events leave a Colossus, who is quite withdrawn, very touched. That does not prevent him, however, from being the spearhead on many occasions, as he always comes to the call of duty during situations as disparate as World War Hulk or Terregennesis. So it’s not uncommon to see Colossus in teams other than the X-Men, such as the X-Force led by Cable along with Deadpool and Domino.

Finally, it is important to mention that Colossus has not only demonstrated his willingness to die for the mutant cause, but has done so. When the mutant community became infected with the Legacy Virus, Colossus offered to channel the cure, dying in the process. However, as is customary in the Marvel world, Colossus was soon revived by other means, in this case, by the intercession of the alien Ord.

Colossus’ personality

Piotr is a noble, pure and idealistic soul, although quite naïve, whose only raison d’être is the mutant cause. In fact, his devotion is so great that he considers himself worthless and worthless that his companions are not worth worrying about or suffering for as he is but a small piece of a great cog in the cause. Being a person without folds, who usually expresses himself in a literal and brief way, it is difficult to reconcile his idealistic thinking with the crude reality. Finally, it should be noted that his personal life is a bit complicated because despite his tough appearance, he is an extremely sensitive and affectionate person.

Friends and enemies of Colossus

Although very shy, it has not been difficult for Collossus to gain the affection and respect of his superhero companions. His first team is made up of Storm, Nighttime Snorkeler, Banshee, Wolverine and Thunderbird. It is with Wolverine that he forges a special relationship both on and off the battlefield, where it is common to see the Russian giant throw the Canadian beast into the heat of battle. However, her strongest relationship is with Kitty Pride, her first and only love. This relationship is interesting not only because Kitty is the best friend of Magik, Piotr’s sister, but because her powers complement each other perfectly.

Among its enemies, many and varied, but Colossus is often the weapon of choice for the X-Men to face enemies based on the brute force such as Juggernaut or Hulk when it turns against the Earth. Even so, Colossus has been one of the members with the most appearances in the X-Men for what he has faced from the Shi’ar Empire to the Inhumans, passing through his sister Magik’s personal demons.

Colossus in the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

Colossus first appeared on the big screen in the 2006 film X-Men: The Final Decision, starring Daniel Cudmore. Brett Ratner’s film – which was a disaster in every sense – allowed us to see the giant next to the young Kitty Pryde, a relationship that continued in the post-apocalyptic future of X-Men: Days of the Past Future in which Colossus is one of the last living mutants on the planet. In addition, with the resetting of the timeline for this 2014 film, there are rumors that Daniel Cudmore could again play the Russian farmer in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, to be released in 2018, and he intends to adapt the story centered on Jean Grey better than The Final Decision, which is not much more difficult either.

However, with Colossus something very curious happens that is only comparable to the existence of two Pietros Maximoff, one in Disney and the other in Fox, and that is that Deadpool’s films have their own version of the character with another actor, Stefan Kapicic, although most of the character is made by computer. As if this were not enough, Colossus’ protagonism is enormous, the enormous success of the premiere of the film starring Ryan Reynolds in which a Colossus with a deep Russian accent contrasts with the madness and recklessness of the mercenary chatterboxer. We will see how this dynamic evolves in Deadpool 2 and, above all, how Colossus relates to someone like Cable – Josh Brolin – who is called to be the agitator of the film.

What powers does Colossus have?

Colossus’ powers are pretty simple to explain. Through a psionic connection between his brain and the tissues of his body he is able to transform them into pure steel. However, Piotr maintains all his mobility and agility in this form, but, in addition to the logical increase in his resistance that makes him practically invulnerable to all types of physical damage, he achieves a superhuman force that is only available to the most powerful mutants on the planet.

#InFewWords: A Colossus conclusion

Heart of Steel

It seems unbelievable that such a powerful mutant stands out more for his heart than for his powers, but Colossus is one of the most beloved and respected mutants for his capacity for sacrifice. It is not so much that he is a fragile character as a sensitive and delicate one that contrasts with his mastodontic aspect that brings him closer to the savagery of the Hulk or The Thing. In his eagerness to mix and surprise, Marvel introduces us to a character we would all like to have on our side and not just for his steel arms.