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Cable: The Perfect Weld

Who’s Cable?

Nathan Summers, aka Cable, is one of the characters whose origins and story are more complex to tell. His birth is the product of Mr. G.’s manipulation of the world. Sinister, who had calculated that a son of Scott Summers, alias Cyclops, and Jean Grey would be the perfect mutant.

In order to control him and have him under his control, he created a clone of Jean named Madelyne Pryor who quickly married Scott and had a son with him, whom they called Nathan. However, it’s when little more than a baby starts to happen that things start to happen. First, Jean, who was missing, comes back, so Mr. Sinestro tries to get rid of Madelyne and take the baby, but the X-Men save her. Even so, when it is revealed that he is a clone, his relationship with Scott ends (and badly). So much so that, after eloping with the baby to Alaska, he made a pact with demonic beings from Limbo – a dimension to which Magic is connected – to end Jean and Scott and the whole of New York City in passing, but the intervention of The New Mutants managed to put an end to plans that included sacrificing Nathan’s life.

At that moment, Nathan begins to be cared for by Jean and Scott. Revelation, fearing the power of the baby, infects him with a techno-organic virus that threatens to end his life, but not his fate, as Sister Ascanio travels 2,000 years in time from the future to save him and take him to a future dominated by Revelation in which it is prophesied that Nathan will free them.

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It is in this desert-like and war-torn future between the Caninites of Revelation and the rebellious Ekanites that Nathan grows up and begins to develop his powers. These powers are crucial in a war without quarter that ends with the apparent death of Revelation.

However, Sister Ascanio had made a clone of Nathan in case he was not able to contain the virus, and that clone had fallen into the hands of an Apocalypse that had raised him as his successor. Strike, who is the name of this clone, becomes Nathan’s archrival and pursues him through time and space until he reaches the 20th century. Nathan then adopts the alias of Cable, already a veteran soldier, and participates in the affairs of this period, always in a somewhat suspicious way. At that time, the only one who understands him is the crazy Deadpool, with whom he forms a strange couple that is often the cause of the temporary chaos in the Marvel universe.

Cable’s personality

Cable perfectly fits the stereotype of the veteran soldier of a million battles and that’s something you see in his body as well as in his mind. Dry, serious and distant, he acts for reasons and reasons that only he knows and that he only reveals if he considers it strictly unnecessary. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings, especially for orphans like him, but he will do his best to hide them.

Although your intentions are good, you cannot explain them, so you will face anyone, friend or foe, to achieve your goals. And he sure has.

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Friends and Enemies of Cable

Cable doesn’t have any friends. He is not a team player no matter how much he has participated and even led some: The Si-Pack or the New Mutants that he then regroups to form X-Force with Deadpool and Domino. Beyond them, he knows most of the mutants (even more than they themselves, being a time traveler) but he only has a special relationship with Hope, the only mutant born after the events of Casa de M, in which Scarlet Witch leaves most of the mutants powerless. Hope is to Cable like her own daughter.

Amigos y enemigos de Cable

As for his enemies, he is the nemesis created by and to end Revelation and has faced it on countless occasions. Likewise, ending Strike is also his responsibility, and he will pursue him as far as it takes and as long as it takes to end his clone.

The Gateway to the Kinematic Universe of Marvel

Although Cable’s “colleagues” relationship with Deadpool is quite recent in comic books, it is one of the funniest duos in the Marvel Universe, so when the Deadpool movie was finally announced, all the fans wanted and expected the wandering traveler to appear as well. However, given the complexity of the character, it is absolutely normal that they would prefer not to include him in the cover letter of the Mercenary Bigmouth, played by Ryan Reynolds. Even so, and once Fox was clear that it was going to be a success, they recorded the post-credit scene in which Wade says there will be a sequel and that Cable and all the fishing will be out… although they didn’t have an actor yet. In fact, who Cable should be was so important that it generated a huge discussion between Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller (the director). As a result, Miller eventually left.

In the end, it ended up being a surprise that Josh Brolin, who plays Thanos in the Marvel Kinematic Universe, will play Cable in May 2018 (but a welcome surprise from fans no doubt). In addition, and given Disney’s recent agreement to acquire Fox and Disney’s president’s statements that films like Deadpool would gradually enter the Cinematic Universe of Marvel, what better way to do so than through a character known for his travels in time, space and dimensions. Even more so if we consider their relationship with other important mutants such as Cyclops, Jean, Professor X or Hope. Be that as it may, it will be interesting to finally see Deadpool with his counterpart Cable in a film about which, for the time being, little, very little or nothing is known. Better.

What powers does Cable have?

Cable is one of the most powerful mutants that exist and will never exist, and at some point it has even been the most powerful. His powers are telepathic and telekinetic in origin, but he is constantly using it to prevent the techno-organic virus with which he was infected by Revelation from devouring him. Yet, it has demonstrated the ability to create force fields and penetrate the mind and precognition. However, even though it is definitely released from the virus thanks to Hope, its powers are still atrophied to what its true potential is. That is not to say that he is not dangerous, as he is still a soldier armed to the teeth with the technology of the future. Almost nothing.

#InFewWords: A conclusion about Cable

The Perfect Soldier

Cable is one of those characters that show the variety of genres, styles and personalities that have a place in the Marvel Universe. After all, it has nothing to do with a Peter Parker or Reed Richards, but it does with The Punisher or Drax. Men who have lived a tragic history that, on the other hand, has given them a purpose in life. After having been in a thousand trenches and with the fate of humanity and the mutant race on his shoulders, without being able to share it with anyone so as not to alter the future you intend to save, Cable’s life is dark and gray, but they make him a very interesting character.