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Who’s Blink?

Clarice Ferguson is one of the many relatively anonymous mutants who populate the Marvel Universe. Although of apparently modest origin, she is one of the many descendants of Revelation, one of the most powerful mutants in history. Its powers are manifested when it is captured by the alien empire Phalanx along with many other young mutants with the intention of absorbing its powers, as if it were raw material. Her only memory of having used her powers had ended in bloodshed, so she is reluctant to use them without knowing how to control them, because although she suspects she is capable of opening portals, everything that crosses them ends up crushed. In spite of this, she decides to use them against the Collector who keeps them captive, turning them into pieces, but she is trapped in the very vortex of her powers and her cell mates consider her dead.

Luckily, she survives and teleports to earth, but unfortunately, she falls into the clutches of Selene who is able to impress a young Clarice and recruit her into her Inner Circle, a group of mutants selected for their killing skills. Next to her he faces the X-Men and when they are defeated he has to be a doctor. I miss the one that frees her from Selene’s spell that still lives on, even though the witch is dead. After this, Clarice becomes part of the New Mutants under the name of Blink.


Personality of Blink

Although she is a rather sentimental girl, she is usually a struggling series, intense and focused on the task at hand. He needs to keep his concentration so that his powers do not have harmful consequences for his companions and that affects him during combat. She is young and somewhat – quite a bit – rebellious, but she likes to be always on the side that seeks to do the right thing and will react very badly if she discovers that she has been deceived.

Friends and Enemies of Blink

There are not many pages dedicated to Blink in Marvel’s comics, at least not in the main universe (Earth 616). As I have already mentioned, her main enemy in this incarnation is Selene, who bewitches her and forces her to face the team of Wolverine, Cyclops and company and their main allies the New Mutants formed by Wolfsbane or Sunspot among others. However, in the Earth 295 universe, known as the Age of Revelation, Clarice and her relationship with Revelation is given more prominence. This time Clarice leads the Exiles, a group of mutants who have managed to survive the genocide of the villain Apocalypse.

Blink in the Marvel Film Universe

Blink’s case is very particular not only in the X-Men film universe but also in all superhero films and series in general. After all, only Phil Coulson – played by Clark Gregg – made his debut in the big one and then starred in a TV series. Blink appears for the first time in 2014 in the film X-Men: Days of the Past Future as a member of the team of mutant survivors of the apocalypse unleashed by the sentinels. In the film fighting and in full control of his powers alongside Storm, Magneto or Bishop in the distant and gray future. This fall, however, he will be one of the most important characters in The Gifted series.

This is a much younger version of the character, as evidenced by the tennis balls cut in half that surround her in the trailer. Clarice is still in the process of discovering who she is and fully controlling her powers. To this end, he will have the support of others like Thunderbird, Eclipse and Polaris and will help young Lauren and Andy to escape from the authorities who are persecuting them.

What powers does Blink have?

Blink’s powers allow him to open and close teleport portals at will or to concentrate that energy on spears that teleport what they touch. This makes her very versatile in combat and allows her to use her enemies’ attacks to defeat them. He is also a great supporter of his teammates’ powers and his strength lies precisely in that teamwork. As a detail, it is worth noting that the range of action of his superpowers, at least the one he has shown, allows him to teleport to the moon and return.

#InFewWords: A Blink conclusion

When a door closes…. does a portal open?

Clarice is an interesting character to develop. Not too well known, you may have the chance to shine in a more intimate product such as a television series that gives the characters much more time and space to show themselves and evolve. His inclusion in The Gifted is a pleasant surprise because his fighting scenes are from the best of Past Days of the Future and in the trailer of the series we have already glimpsed those characteristically purple-colored portals.