Black widow, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most valuable agent.

Who’s the Black Widow?

The kinship of Natalia -Natasha to the “friends”- Romanova is unknown, although it has been theorized that she may be the descendant of the last Russian tsars. Born in Moscow in 1928, she grew up in a USSR orphanage with 28 other young orphans like her. But this was no ordinary orphanage. Not at all.

The Red Room was the silk of the Soviet secret Black Widow program, which employed techniques based on bioengineering and psychostimulation, as well as rigorous and cruel training to create the perfect special operations agent, the new Mata Hari. One of the results of this experimentation is that Natsha was given a serum that exaggeratedly extends her life – and her youth -. In return, Natasha will never be able to have children. This, together with the mind control he is subjected to throughout his life and the false memories they implant in him – such as having received ballet classes instead of martial arts – affect him psychologically.

The KGB decides to recruit both her and her partner, Alexi Shostakov, who will become the Red Guardian, the Soviet response to Captain America. Natasha, already under the name of Black Widow, will become the KGB’s elite agent, being trained by the Winter Soldier himself.

However, after encountering a young Hawkeye on several missions and despite the iron grip and physical and mental punishment she is subjected to, she manages to defect and join The Avengers. From then on, he will become a vital ally for both the superhero team and S.H.I.E.L.D. In spite of this, and given her turbulent relationship with organizations, she often works alone or in smaller associations. Although she has done things that she regrets and more than once her past has come back to haunt her, Natasha is guided by her emotions and trusts that these emotions and being surrounded by good people will always make her do the right thing.

Black Widow Personality

Cold and calculating. So is the mind of a commissioned assassin and so is Natasha during her time as a KGB agent. A real Black Widow. However, little by little she manages to rebel against the conditioning she has been subjected to since she was a child and begins to draw out the fighting and fierce character within herself. Since his inclusion in the Avengers and precisely because his actions have not been his for a long time, it has become the moral compass of the team. Determined and quick to act, it doesn’t mean that I don’t give it a lot of thought before making a decision. In the same way, his appearance of being insensitive hides a person who is deeply concerned about those around him.

Friends and Enemies Black Widow

At first, Natasha has more enemies than friends. In his first appearances he confronts Iron Man and Hawkeye, and even confronts them both. However, it is the feelings that begin to emerge for the young archer that cause him to defect and join The Avengers. The relationship with Hawkeye is complex and working as a spy under Nick Fury means he has to break off his engagement on more than one occasion. In her solo escapades, Natasha joins Daredevil -with whom she also has a relationship-, being crucial in one of her most gruesome stories, preventing Matt from killing a girl he thinks is the Antichrist.

As for his enemies, on more than one occasion he was confronted with new operatives working under the name of Black Widow. At other times he has faced Hydra, both Baron Von Strucker and Madame Hydra, and has always stood alongside Captain America in both the Civil War and Secret Avengers, when he defended Asgard from the attack of Norman Osborn’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Kinematic Universe of the Black Widow

The number of world-class actors who have passed through the cinematic universe is a dimension never before seen in a saga of films. Almost debutants launched into stardom as Chris Pratt -Starlord- or Tom Holland -Spider-Man- and veterans such as Robert Redford -Congressman Pierce- or Michael Douglas -Hank Pym- join actors at the top of their careers as is the case of Scarlett Johansson, an actress who brilliantly plays Natasha Romanoff -a slight change in surnames- at the UCM.

To date she has appeared in five films: Iron Man 2, Avengers, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Civil War and Avengers the Age of Ultron and has always played a leading role as the team’s femme fatale – or as undercover secretary. Even so, the fans are asking – or we are asking – for more and, to the already scheduled appearances in Avengers: Infinite Warfare and Avengers 4 – still waiting for a title – they hope that some solo film of the Russian spy or, at least, with some of her amorous interests will be joined. Discarded Hawkeye, maybe the Hulk and Natasha can culminate their love story in a movie together. In any case, the truth is that the Cinematic Universe of Marvel has adapted this character to the new times, turning him into a reference point and giving him the importance that sometimes the female characters lack in this type of action movies.

What powers does the Black Widow have?

Beyond one, for now, eternal youth -who catches her- Natasha has no genetic, mental, esoteric or robotic alterations or anything else -with Marvel you never know-. However, his complete training makes him have the reflexes, agility and endurance of an Olympic medalist in several modalities. She would have lived more peacefully if she’d been allowed to devote herself to it. Be that as it may, the Black Widow is one of the most capable and dangerous assassins in the entire Marvel Universe.
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# InFewWords: A conclusion from the Black Widow

We have all done things that, looking back, we would have liked to have been better and avoided. Although the things Natasha has been able to do are quite extreme and I may feel this, but multiplied by a thousand, the truth is that there was really nothing I could do to prevent it. In spite of this, and being troubled by her past, she does everything possible to somehow repair the damage she has done in the past by becoming an advocate for those who cannot defend themselves.