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    Misty Knight, the agent with the bionic arm

    Misty Knight Marvel

    ¿Quién es Misty Knight? Misty Knight was just one of many African-American police officers in New York City who watch over the safety of the streets of the big city. In one of his many operations, he found a bomb about to explode inside a bank. To prevent damage to civilians, Misty takes the bomb […]

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    Margaret “Peggy” Carter, the first SHIELD agent

    Peggy Carter Marvel Avengers

    Who’s Peggy Carter? Although Margaret – known as Peggy – Carter was born into a wealthy family in Richmond Virginia and never had any needs, that didn’t stop her from joining the U.S. Army and even going a step further, traveling to France to join the resistance that is harassing the Nazi army in Europe. […]

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    Maximus, the black sheep of the Inhuman family

    Maximus Marvel

    Who’s Maximus? Maximus Boltagon is the black sheep of the Inhumana Royal Family. Like his older brother Blackagar and the rest of his family, he was exposed to Terragenesis when he was only an embryo but, unlike them, he does not directly manifest any type of power. However, as he matures, he begins to develop […]

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    The Invisible Woman

    Who’s Sue Storm? Susan “Sue” Storm, alias “The Invisible Woman” is one of the oldest characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as part of The Fantastic Four. After a smooth childhood with his brother Johnny, his life is cut short by the death of his mother Mary in a car accident. Not only […]

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    Heimdall, the guardian of Asgard

    Heimdall Marvel

    Who’s Heimdall? Heimdall is a Marvel character drawn directly from Scandinavian mythology, so both his origins and biography are full of references to this type of being. After all, Heimdall is a Vanir, one of the sons of the Nine Goddesses who personify the sea. Initially, Heimdall was none other than one of the bravest […]

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    Scott Lang, the engineer who became Ant-Man.

    Who’s Scott Lang? Scott Lang, a native of Florida, studied electronic engineering and married Peggy Rae and had a daughter named Cassandra with her. However, his work doing electronic repairs of all kinds was not enough to feed his family and he decides to become a thief. When his job takes him to prison, his […]

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    War machine, a travelling arsenal

    Máquina de guerra portada

    Who is War Machine? Like many other heroes of the Marvel Universe, the story of James Rhodes, also known as Rhodey, begins in the United States Army, specifically as a pilot in the Marines. On a mission in Afghanistan his plane is shot down and while he is trying to repair it and escape from […]

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    Karl Mordo

    Karl Mordo Marvel

    Who’s Karl Mordo? Karl Mordo is the son of Baron Nikolai Mordo of Transylvania, to whom the Queen of Gypsies taught the mystical arts to try to restore Transylvania to its former splendor and Sarah Krowler. This marriage is in fact part of the plan of Sarah’s father, the Viscount of Bavaria – all very […]

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    Scarlet Witch: Villain, heroine and weapon of mass chaos

    Who’s the Scarlet Witch? Wanda Maximoff is the daughter of the mutant known as Magneto and twin sister of Pietro Maximoff -known as Mercury or Quicksilver-, although their relationship is something they discover as adults. As children they grow up in a Roma village at the foot of the Carpathians, but when they discover that […]

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    Who’s Blink? Clarice Ferguson is one of the many relatively anonymous mutants who populate the Marvel Universe. Although of apparently modest origin, she is one of the many descendants of Revelation, one of the most powerful mutants in history. Its powers are manifested when it is captured by the alien empire Phalanx along with many […]